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I have been showing horses for almost 45 years, and training for myself or others for 40 of those years. I have a wealth of experience in training both horses and handlers, as well as judging and showing with many breeds and types of horses, including Arabians, Saddlebreds, Quarter Horses, Paints, Pintos, Morgans, Draft Horses, and Miniatures. I've competed in Saddleseat, Hunters (including over fences), Dressage, Western, Reining, and Driving (including teams). Additionally, I have judged and/or competed in nearly every discipline in the AMHR, including halter, showmanship, trail and in-hand obstacle, driving (singles and pairs), driving obstacle, hunters, and jumpers. My diverse equine makes me uniquely qualified as a coach, trainer, clinician and judge.

Currently we show AMHR, ASPC, and NSPPR horses and ponies.

Team 4Rail consists of family and friends - 5 youth, 1 amateur, and over a dozen support people both at the shows and taking care of horses and farms at home while we travel. We've had a lot of success in the ring, but I am proudest of how my team works together to help each other and other exhibitors, and the sportsmanship they exhibit. We are competitive, we are a team, and we HAVE FUN!

All horses on the website are for sale unless otherwise noted in the description. No prices are listed, because the price may vary depending on our plans for the horse, whether I have youth showing it, and the person(s) interested in purchasing it. All inquiries are welcome and references are available.

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Kelly Lynch
4Rail Ranch
Larchwood, IA
605 212 8915

Home     |     About Team 4Rail     |     Miniature Horses     |     Ponies     |     Retired Horses     |     Clinics, Lessons, Judging

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