Antares Farm Ambassadors

Show Horses:

Antares Farm Sweet Caroline
"Odyssey" Born 4/17/13 - AMHR pending. Bay pinto filly with bald face and 2 blue eyes and high whites. Out of LTD's Haley's Two Tone Angel by Antares Farm Go For Blue. NOT FOR SALE.

Starstorm Of Antares Farm
"Raven" Born 5/22/13 - AMHR 322106T. Out of Iles Starstorm by Antares Farm Little Drummer Boy. Black app filly with blanket and butt spots. NOT FOR SALE.

Antares Farm Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher" 233533A - Born 4-03. 34" bay tovero mare. Dreamcatcher carries Iowa's Little Kernel and Hilltops Little Vegas. Her dam is Chippewa's Little Rosie and her sire is Drum. She is lwo positive. She competes in Open Halter and Multi Color Mares under. 2004 SMLEC Multi-Color Champion and was 8th on the Call Judge's card out of 43 at the 2005 Nationals. Made her Liberty debut in 2007 with a unanimous second out of 9 horses. Also, did Costume for the first time at 2007 Nationals. She is extremely eyecatching and loves to be the center of attention. She is also a companion on long walks in the woods.

LTD's Spice A Licious

"Cow" 290868A - Born 4-07. 32" silver bay mare with one blue eye. Cow's dam is LTD's Spice Girl and her sire is LTD's Man in Command. She has tons of presence and loves attention. She is LWO positive and will be trained to drive in 2012.

Proud Spell of Antares

"Kira" 290066T - Born 5-08. 34" black mare. Kira's dam is Stormy and her sire is Drum. She has shown in liberty once to a second place and will be showing in liberty in '11. She looks and moves like a perfect arab in miniature, complete with tail flagging floating trot and nose in the air. She is LWO negative.

Indigo Rain of Antares

"Rain" 290066T - Born 3-09 31" bay mare with one blue eye. Rain's dam is Naughty and her sire is Prince. She is delicate and fine boned and has shown and placed well in colour classes so far. She will be debuting in halter in '11 hopefully. LWO positive

Midnight Topaz of Antares

"Topaz" - Born 6-09. 32" bay snowflake with blanket and spots mare. Topaz's dam is Brandy and her sire is Exotichill's Starburst. She is very happy horse and so far has shown in colour classes. LWO negative.

Antares Farm Imagine

"Image" 304358T - Born 4-10. 26" red roan sabino mare. Her dam is Deja and her sire is Drum. Image is tiny and fine boned, but extremely determined. She eventually will be jumping and doing obstacles. She is fast and extemely maneuverable and can stop on a dime. LWO negative.

Antares Farm Devil's Due

"Dee Dee" 304360T - Born 5-10. 31" black mare. Her dam is Spooky and her sire is Spirit. She is very well put together and will be jumping in a couple of years. LWO negative.

Antares Farm Mi Memorie

"Barb" 306467T - Born 7-10. 31" bay overo with one blue eye. Barb's dam is Blue and her sire is Prince. She was a preemie and had a rough start. Not only has she caught up with her age-mates, she is starting to pass them. Barb has the best motion at a trot I have ever seen in a mini. Had her first foal, a filly, in 2014. LWO positive.

Antares Farm Charmingly Wicked

"Jayne" AMHR 309613T filly born 2-22-2011. She is 22". Her dam is Sunfall of Antares and her sire is Magic Man's Prince Charming. This elegant filly will be going for halter training in 2012 to Rocking R. She has tons of presence and loves new things. LWO positive.

Antares Farm Timeless Memories

"Trixie" - Born 5/12/2014. AMHR #327107T. Refined bay LWO positive filly with 2 blue eyes, crescent and one rear coronet. Out of Antares Farm Mi Memorie by Antares Farm Little Drummer Boy. Futurity nominated. NOT FOR SALE.

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