Drum's Ladies
Antares Farm

These are the mares of Antares Farm,
chosen for beauty, conformation, lovely temperment and quick learning.

LTD's Haley's Two-Tone Angel

"Angel" 51073A born 4-94. 35.5" red roan frame overo mare aquired in '09 from Lisa Davis. She is a daughter of Two Tone Trigger and out the lovely sabino mare, LTD's Fancy Hi - Stepper. She has had nine foals, including LTD's Neon Angel. She is LWO positive.

Charm's Lucky Charm

"Lacy" 54297B - Born 5-94. 35.5" silver black mare acquired in '05. She is a grandaughter of Rhoten's Little Dandy and her sire's line is all Komokos breeding. Lacy has a beautiful head and large soft eyes. She is dam to 3 foals. LWO negative.

Sunfall of Antares

"Naughty" 212710B - Born 4-96. 36.5" dark grulla mare acquired in '00. This beautiful mare moves like a hackney and has tons of presence. She was reserve grand champion mare over at the area show the last time she was shown, she had wins in broodmare over, mare and foal and solid colour over. She has had eight foals and is LWO negative. She was Top 10 at the 2011 AMHR Nationals in Produce of Dam. Naughty has been retired from breeding.

Magic Man's Stormy Moon

"Stormy" 103961A / A8346 - Born 8-96. 33.75" bay sabino mare aquired in '05. She is a daughter of LTD's Magic Man and out of Southview's Mi Charm, who carries Rhoten's Little Dandy and FWF's Wardance. Stormy is outgoing and loves attention. She is dam to eight foals. She is LWO negative and homozygous for black.

Magic Man's De Ja Voo

"Deja" 98601A / A101051 born 7-98. 32" bay roan overo mare aquired in '07 from Lisa Davis. She is a daughter of LTD's Magic Man and out of Southview's Mi Charm, who carries Rhoten's Little Dandy and FWF's Wardance. She is dam to seven foals. Deja is lwo positive.


"Shameless" 212865B - Born 5-99. 35" grulla mare born here. She has shown and placed in halter, colour, and costume. Shameless is smooth driving mare but hasn't been shown in harness yet. She is LWO negative

Reba of Antares

"Reba" 222617B - Born 3-02. 34.25" red dun mare born here. She is a daughter of Naughty by Drum. Reba has a top ten in open halter at Nationals, she has shown and placed in halter obstacles, costume, and mare and foal. She rides and drives. This mare is one of the smartest horses around. She is dam to 3 foals. Reba is LWO negative.

Sandy Land Babe

"Sandy" 228344B - Born 5-02. 37.5" smutty buckskin mare aquired in '08. She carries Toyland genes. Sandy tries hard to please and loves attention. Sandy is LWO negative and homozygous for black. She is dam to 4 foals.

Stroud's Satin Sarah

"Cinnamon" 240075B - Born 8-03. 35.25" red roan mare aquired in '07 from Antoinette Bullock. She is a 4th generation roan and dam to 3 foals. Cinnamon is LWO negative.

Exotichill's Cheneale

"Cheneale" A165139 and AMHR #310593A - Born 6-05. 33.75" blue roan homozygous few spot app mare. Every foal she has will be some kind of app, no matter what stallion she is bred to. She gets pregnant and foals easily.

Starsong of Antares

"Lyric" 296531A - Born 5-07. 33" bay mare with dun characteristics born here. Lyric is Stormy's daughter by Drum. She has shown in halter and colour classes and was the unanimous solid colour under mare at the area show when she was a 2 year old. She is LWO negative. Lyric has had one foal.

Iles Starstorm

"Maggie - Star" 296531B - Born 5-08. 37.75" silver black roan snowcap app mare acquired from the Iles in '09. Maggie - Star is professionally halter trained. She is LWO negative.
Eight Belles of Antares

"Bell" 290068A - Born 5-08. 33" smokey black mare. She has Toyland blood from her dam's side and her sire is a dun tobiano. Her dam is Sandy. Bell has a long neck, good legs and nice, natural stance for halter. The pic is right out of the pasture. She has a willing, loving personality and always comes over for attention. She is easy to clip, lead, load... and she lunges.

as a weanling

Antares Farm Tamed Lightning

AMHR 316928T; AMHA A211418; Born 5/2/2012. Refined bay roan app daughter of Exotichills Starfire Firecracker by Magic Mans Prince Charming. Will enter show ring in the future.

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