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All are current on vaccines, trimmed and dewormed regularly.
Coggins and health certificate are included in the price.
Transportation is the buyer's responsability.

Antares Farm Forever Fancy

"Emerald" DOB 4/8/16 AMHR#336212T Silver bay app filly out of Antares Farm Passing Fancy by Millerthymes Impressive Talisman. Pretty head, big eyes, very friendly. Futurity nominated filly. $1,100

LTD's Smoke and Mirrors of Antares

"Magic" born 2003. AMHR# 238934B. 34.5" silver dapple sabino mare out of Magic Mans Touch Of Class, by LTDs Color Broker. Has been shown and has had 5 foals. For sale to good home - $500.

Exotichill's Cheneale

"Cheneale" A165139 and AMHR #310593A - Born 6-05. 33.75" blue roan homozygous few spot app mare. Every foal she has will be some kind of app, no matter what stallion she is bred to. She gets pregnant and foals easily. $700.
Starstorm Of Antares Farm
"Raven" Born 5/22/13 - AMHR 322106. Out of Iles Starstorm by Antares Farm Little Drummer Boy. Black app filly with blanket and butt spots. Had her first foal in 2017 - a solid bay colt by Antares Farm Go For Blue. $2,000.

Proud Spell of Antares

"Kira" 290066 - Born 5-08. 34" black mare. Kira's dam is Stormy and her sire is Drum. She has shown in liberty once to a second place and will be showing in liberty in '11. She looks and moves like a perfect arab in miniature, complete with tail flagging floating trot and nose in the air. She is LWO negative. $900.

Antares Farm Devil's Due

"Dee Dee" 304360B - Born 5-10. 35" black mare. Her dam is Spooky and her sire is Spirit. She is very well put together and will be jumping in a couple of years. LWO negative. Had a leggy bay colt in 2018. Good mother. $500.

Eight Belles of Antares

"Bell" 290068A - Born 5-08. 33" smokey black mare. She has Toyland blood from her dam's side and her sire is a dun tobiano. Her dam is Sandy. Bell has a long neck, good legs and nice, natural stance for halter. The pic is right out of the pasture. She has a willing, loving personality and always comes over for attention. She is easy to clip, lead, load... and she lunges. Excellent broodmare. Bred for an April foal.


as a weanling

Stroud's Satin Sarah

"Cinnamon" 240075B - Born 8-03. 35.25" red roan mare aquired in '07 from Antoinette Bullock. She is a 4th generation roan and dam to 6 foals, all roans. Cinnamon is LWO negative.


MillerThymes Impressive Talisman

"Talis" 311676. born 6-4-11. bay roan app, no white. LWO neg, heterozygous for black. Talis has an exotically pretty head with large dark eyes, small muzzle. He is well balanced. He is laid back, like attention and easy to work with. HIs sire is little America's Impressive Storm, a bay roan varnish app and his dam is Mystery's Foxy Lady, a bay roan app. Siring nice foals on a variety of mares - including 2 near leopards.


Shifting Shadows of Antares
"Serena" Born 4/11/2015. AMHR #331080T. Silver Bay Roan Filly, sired by Millerthymes Impressive Talisman and out of LTD's Haley's Two-Tone Angel.


Antares Farm Dreamcatcher

Dreamcatcher" 233533A - Born 4-03. 34" bay tovero mare. Dreamcatcher carries Iowa's Little Kernel and Hilltops Little Vegas. Her dam is Chippewa's Little Rosie and her sire is Drum. She is lwo positive. She competes in Open Halter and Multi Color Mares under. 2004 SMLEC Multi-Color Champion and was 8th on the Call Judge's card out of 43 at the 2005 Nationals. Made her Liberty debut in 2007 with a unanimous second out of 9 horses. Also, did Costume for the first time at 2007 Nationals. She is extremely eyecatching and loves to be the center of attention. She is also a companion on long walks in the woods.



Antares Farm Doubletake

"Tasha" 289577A - Born 4-08. 31.5" red roan frame overo mare. She is a granddaughter of LTD's Magic Man. Her dam is Deja and her sire is Drum. Tasha loves people and attention. She has been shown in colour classes since she was a weanling and has ribboned (and usually won) every time. She has placed in the huge colour class for under mares at AMHR nationals both times she was entered. This is an eye catching, fine boned filly with colour to spare. She is a 3rd generation frame overo and LWO positive. She is also a 4th generation roan. She lunges, leads, loads, and is easy to clip. She would do excellent in obstacles.
News Flash - top ten for the 3rd time at AMHR nationals in multi-colour mares under and top ten for the second time in adult costume under!

SOLD! Congratulations to C.B. and Susan Shaw.

Antares Farm Remember Me

"Jonathan" 297570T - Born 5-08. 31" bay colt. Jonathan is outgoing, loves new places and people, curious and extremely eye catching. His sire, Prince is a bay roan, with points in halter, pleasure driving, colour, hunt and jump classes. His dam, Blue is a black. Both sides go to Rhotens, and Blue is a granddaughter of FWF Blue Boy. Jonathan would be good at almost anything you care to teach him. He has a great trot. He is LWO positive and futurity nominated.

SOLD! Congratulations to Tom & Robin Koeger. Thank you for giving Jonathon a good home.

as a baby

Antares Farm After The Rain

"Jeremy" DOB 2/15/17 AMHR#339022T Eyecatching, fine boned bay leopard colt. LWO Neg. Futurity nominated. Quiet and easy going! Out of Indigo Rain of Antares by Millerthymes Impressive Talisman.


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