Australian Shepherds and Quarter Horses  bred and for sale by Aune's Aussies

Lunch Break on an all day ride

We live on a small ranch in western Minnesota which is just big enough for us to raise the numbers of animals we are comfortable with and small enough for us to maintain in our retirement years. We often see new faces on the place as we're real "suckers" for those big, soft eyes no matter what kind of critter it is!
Nancy officially retired in 2009 from a career as an elementary school teacher. The grade was 6th grade ~ fondly called Hormone Patrol! Ten years later guess who is still in the classroom? I have been a substitute teacher in neighborhood schools, taken a Title I position in our local school, and been active in our school for all these years. Guess retirement just didn't "take"!

Apparently that happened in my dog business as well. As my dogs reached retirement age, I figured to just quit the business. My clients and families who had purchased pups from me in the past, as well as total strangers, have continued to call and inquire about puppies, so I have purchased one new male and two new females. So much for retirement!!

John is a retired dairy farmer and continues to thrive on raising a few good colts. Of course, the dogs are always on his heels trying to help out!! We currently have some young horses with out of this world bloodlines. You can see their pictures and pedigrees on their page. John loves going to any horse related auction sale and that explains the number of exotic birds around here. We have quite a few peacocks and also a beautiful Amherst Pheasant who decided to excuse himself from the Bird House this winter when the drifts in their pen got so big that he was able to sneak out above the gate. We figured he was a dead bird, but he found his way to the barn and stayed healthy. Now he can be out in the pasture and when he hears John's truck coming down the dirt road, he races to the driveway and follows the truck all over ~ even sitting on the hood when John is sitting in the truck! Go figure!!!

Cissy, our Matriarch with a foal

With colts and puppies due most anytime, we might just have that special friend just for you.

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