Australian Shepherds and Quarter Horses  bred and for sale by Aune's Aussies

Lunch Break on an all day ride

We live on a small ranch in western Minnesota which is just big enough for us to raise the numbers of animals we are comfortable with and small enough for us to maintain in our retirement years. Neither of us can imagine life without our "critters" which explains why there's often a new face in the crowd. We're such suckers for those big, soft eyes - whether they are on a horse, dog, donkey, cat - well, you get the picture!

Nancy is an elementary school teacher. The grade is 6th grade, but it is fondly known as "Hormone Patrol"! I love my kids and can't imagine retiring, but know that it won't be long before that stage of life is upon me. Update: I took the plunge and retired June 5, 2009. Bet it will feel funny as the kids go back to school without me!! Update to the Update: It DID feel funny as the kids went back to school without me, so I decided to be a substitute teacher in the three small neighboring schools. I don't work every day, but still get to interact with the youth.

John is a retired dairy farmer, but he just can't retire from breeding, raising and training good Quarter Horses. We are pretty proud of the bloodlines of our horses, but maybe we are more impressed with the dispositions and quality of ride we get from them.

Our vacations and "fun" times are spent with our horses at trail rides or camping. We have met the most incredible friends at horse events and seen some of the most beautiful country in the world from the backs of our wonderful horses.

Our horses love to jump in the trailer and see where we land. We have taken them to Kansas to Medicine Lodge, to Nebraska, and mostly to the Black Hills of South Dakota, not to mention, many trail rides in Minnesota. We truly believe they love to go as much as we do.

Cissy, our Matriarch with a foal

Our dogs are a huge part of our life. Most days will find the whole kennel out with John as he does all those jobs that pop up during a day on a ranch. He never has to call them to see where they are. Most often he has to watch his step so they don't trip him up being so close underfoot! They are truly man's best friend. Except when "woman" is around and then they will leave him temporarily for a big hug from me. What a bunch of lovable animals. Bet they'd all like to be house dogs, but the Welsh Corgi, Mattie, has that job already!

With colts and puppies due in the spring, we might just have that special friend just for you.

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