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Our Aussie Boys

Horn's Blue Kit Cody
Kennel name: Blue

Blue was the patriarch of our ranch. He was a true gentleman and a joy to be around. We are sad to have to report that we lost Old Blue in Oct. '08. He died peacefully in his sleep. He was a great dog and we miss him greatly.

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Blue's Lone Ranger
Kennel name: Ranger

Ranger is Blue's son. He is a gorgeous blue merle with copper trim. Ranger is the kind of guy who just likes to lean on you and sneak in a few kisses. He has a very soft, loving disposition; but, if called upon to work the horses, his aggressive working personality comes through.

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Aune's Sliding Bronco
Kennel name: Bronco

Bronco is a Miniature Australian Shepherd we recently purchased from Colorado (hence the name Bronco!!) He's a very friendly, happy dog and loves people. The only thing he's been herding is lots of attention!!

UPDATE: Christmas Day 2012 we found Bronco dead in his house. We miss him terribly.

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Beau is a beautiful, friendly dog that loves all living creatures. He is a purebred, but after trying for several years, I have given up trying to get his papers. He has produced some wonderful puppies with Bonnie, the kind that every family wants around their kids. We would consider breeding him to outside females if you are looking for some great family oriented puppies.

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