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The Future

Runnin C Round Em Up Roper
Kennel name: Roper

Meet Roper (on the right). He's the new breeding male for our program. He came from Oklahoma and has not disappointed us in any way. He's gorgeous, has a full, thick, slightly curly coat and has an adoring personality while at the same time being quite a comic. We were asked to breed him to an outside female and he has sired 8 beautiful pups with awesome dispositions. Our new girls will be bred either on their next cycle for winter pups or next spring. Be watching! I expect those litters to be incredible.

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Aune's Blue Calamity Jane
Kennel name: Callie

Meet Callie (on the left). She is one of our new breeding females. She and Oakley are full sisters but have slightly different personalities. Callie is focused 100% of the time on my signals, my voice, my gestures ~ my every move. She's very smart and has learned her "tricks" very quickly. Again, I'm not sure if I will breed on the next cycle for winter pups or wait until spring. Be watching!

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Aune's Blue Annie Oakley
Kennel name: Oakley

Meet Oakley (on the left). Oakley's claim to fame is that she smiles. First it was only when being scolded, but she's got it perfected now to be anytime she's visiting with her people. It scares some people at first thinking she's mad, but she wouldn't hurt a soul and she's positively not mad. She also is very smart, but not as focused as Callie. Both are very lovable and should produce awesome Aussie pups! These two females look so much alike. I can tell them apart because Callie's face markings are smaller and slightly off center while Oakley's is wider and centered. Their coats are a bit different also with Callie having a slight wave to her coat and Oakley's being more feathered.

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Miss Opal Ann
Kennel name: Opie

This is Miss Opal Ann. We call her Opie. She was our rescue dog and even though I saw her parents and her parents' pedigrees, I was just not able to get the paperwork for Opie. I tried every single way I knew, but it wasn't to be. This does not discount her value in any way. She's truly an awesome Aussie and one of the smartest I've ever owned. We have tried breeding her several times, but we've never had a litter from her. I'm keeping her on this page hoping that eventually we'll have a litter from her. In the meantime, she's a great babysitter ~ or puppy sitter!!

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