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Our Aussie Girls

MVR Masked Blue Cisco Roper
Kennel name: Cissy

Cissy would love to be a lap dog, but she's a little too big for that role. Her greatest job is US. The first time she gently took my hand in her mouth and stood between me and the tractor, I wondered what she was up to. I soon discovered that she was trying to protect me from what she decided was danger. She has done that many times since. As all Aussies do, Cissy needs a job. She has made it her job to round up the Guinea Hens and keep them in a neat little circle in the yard and she readily volunteers when the horses need moving or coaxing. As the eternal mother, she spends her time in the pasture with the new colts, just staring or washing them. She apparently has made it clear to the moms that she's no threat, as none of them ever push her away. She has given us several litters of fantastic puppies who all are stamped with her wonderful personality. She is being retired now from our breeding program, but I don't expect her to quit volunteering for jobs, however.

Update: It is with regret that we must announce the passing of Cissy on Jan. 6, 2010. She was one of a kind and we miss her terribly. She suffered a stroke and our vet drove in a blizzard to see to her needs. She died in my arms with the vet, his assistant and me crying all over her. Thankfully her daughter Sophie is so very much like her, but Sophie has big shoes to fill.

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Cisco's Blue Sapphire
Kennel name: Sophie

Sophie is one of Cissy's daughters and she looks just like mom. She is also Blue's daughter. Like her mom, she becomes a little deaf when we ask her to kennel up. She'd much rather stay out with us all the time, following closely at our heels and doing whatever job she deems worthy of doing.

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Skullcreek Moonstruck Amethyst
Kennel name: Amy

Amy came to us from Missouri. She's a black tri with copper and white trim and a pedigree that is out of this world. Her ancestors have done it all in the show ring and Amy has the looks, character and movement to be a top show dog also. She's a real people pleaser and fun to be around.

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Aune's Bonnie Blue
Kennel name: Bonnie

Bonnie is a mini Aussie. She is a blue merle with the most incredible copper trim I've ever seen. She also has white markings. We bought Bonnie at a horse training facility in Nebraska. She has that sturdy body and is not willowy or lanky looking. She has the most incredible disposition. Bonnie is the most persistent of all the dogs and she is the one who can figure out any puzzle you put in front of her-- as long as the reward is to get with her people!

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Opie with Jasper, the Blue Heeler pup
Opie with Jewel (black tri female)

Miss Opal Ann
Kennel name: Opie

Opie was originally a pity purchase ~ abused by neglect, as she was full of burrs, cow manure, fleas, and scared to death of people. I saw her parents and her parents' registration papers but the owner would absolutely not sell her pups with registration papers. Beats me why, but that's the way it was. We named her Miss Opal Ann because both of her eyes are blue on the bottom and brown on the top ~ resembling opals. She has turned out to be a wonderful dog, incredibly smart and so patient with the youngsters. She is pictured with our little Jewel (black tri female) and also with our new addition (blue heeler). We are planning to breed her to Lincoln ~ a black tri from Sophie and Ranger's previous litter probably, next spring.

Elk Mountain Kelly
Kennel name: Kelly

Introducing our newest girl. She has a superior pedigree and an unbelievable disposition. Her first litter was born October 23, 2016. The pups are sired by Ranger.

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