Australian Shepherds and Quarter Horses  bred and for sale by Aune's Aussies

These are the two young females taking over motherhood duties. They are just over one year old so I am thinking of waiting till next spring to breed them. Oakley on the left and Callie on the right.
Callie on left and Oakley on the right. Can you just hear them telling me to open the gate now because their feet are dry?

The gorgeous black tri on the right is the new young male heading up our breeding program now. He is Roper shown with an older female, Opie. Notice Opie's eyes: both blue on the bottom and brown on top. Roper is triple registered but Opie doesn't have papers. She was my rescue dog and papers weren't available. We didn't care as she is a truly awesome Aussie.
This is Jasper, our Blue Heeler.

Fancy Pants is John's shadow!
Pretty Boy has a gorgeous, long train.

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