Australian Shepherds and Quarter Horses  bred and for sale by Aune's Aussies

There's something about the outside of a horse that is good for the inside of a man!

Our Quarter Horses

We have always admired the qualities of a good American Quarter Horse and we have a few good brood mares and a nice stud who can produce that kind of horse for you. Again, we don't aim to create a lot of babies - just good ones.

We do a lot of trail riding and our horses seem to enjoy hopping in the trailer to see where we're going this time. Our riding horses include several geldings and one mare. They are all trail- seasoned and safe.

The girls have very good pedigrees which you can also view elsewhere in this site.

Our Percherons
We were lucky to find Mary and Missy. They were a wonderful team and then we had the misfortune of losing Mary in a freak accident in the winter of '08. We then found Patty and Lucy who are also a great team. Lucy died on a wagon train so now Missy and Patty are the expienced team. We have a young pair of fillies that will be started with their driving lessons in the spring. John mows hay with them, rakes hay, hauls manure, gives wagon rides and takes them on wagon trains. View their pedigrees on the Mares and Foals link.
Our Miniature Horses & Donkeys

The fall of 2010 found us up to our knees in mini creatures. There are three mini mares ~ all bred for spring 2011 foals. All three are about 29-30 inches. All are double registered AMHA and AMHR.

Also in the mini pen are Frankie, our registered Miniature Mediterranean Donkey jack and Mari, the jenny. Frankie is 29-30 inches and Mari is about 34 inches. Frankie and Mari had a beautiful baby in July of 2012. We call her Baby Ruth and she's become a celebrity. She was in town for the fall petting zoo and she was a star in the Live Nativity!

Horses For Sale
If you are looking for a baby who has been handled early and has manners, give us a look and see what we have. Sometimes we have a brood mare for sale or lease, so if that's the way you want to go, let us know. We also have those good riding horses, but they are not all for sale, so if you're interested, get in touch with us.

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