Miniature Donkeys

B.B.'s Hidden Ranch

Miniature donkeys make the most wonderful pets.

They mature to be 36" tall or less. The most common color is the original gray-dun, but there are more exotic colors such as spotted, black, white, and sorrel, and they all have the distinguishing cross at the withers.

Our feeding program: pasture grass in the summer months and/or good quality grass hay, sweet grain, fresh water daily, and mineral salt block at all times.

They are vaccinated every year for Eastern & Western Encephalitis, Venezuelan Encephalitis, and tetenus. They are wormed on a regular basis with Ivermectin. Their hooves are trimmed every two to three months.

Below are "thumb-nail" pictures of our herd sire and main brood jenneys. Just click on their pictures or name and you will get more information about each of them and their offspring.

For more information, give us a call at 715-377-8090 or send an e-mail to Thanks for stopping by!

Herd Sires:


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