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Among the most beautiful animals on earth with their loud stripes, yet they stand apart from other animals. They are one of the few wild horses left in the world today.

All zebras seem to look alike; but actually there are three different types of zebras, such as Plains, Mountains, Grevy's, etc.

We raise Grants, which are one of the Plains zebra. No two zebras are exactly alike. Just as each person has his or her own fingerprint, each zebra has its own stripe pattern.

General Information:
    Height: Average 56" tall
    Adult weight: 900 pounds
    A newborn foal weighs: 60 to 70 pounds
    Life expectancy: 35 years in captivity
    Gestation: Approximately 12 months

The diet of our zebra consists of regular horse feed, a good quality grass hay, and fresh drinking water daily.

We offer for sale young foals started on the bucket or mother-raised for your choosing, and occasionally adults.

Pictures and more information
about our foals and breeding stock

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