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Specializing in Foundation Pure Watusi
DNA for parentage and genetic markers on file with Zoetis for all BWS
and BWS owned animals from 2012 to current.

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HA Susanna
2006 Model     FP 2922
Sire: Heikens Ark Cody Too     Dam: Sugar Kitty

BWS Miss Lovey
2008 model     FP 3071
Sire: TW Bwana     Dam: BWS Miss Stella

BWS Miss Mattie
2010 model     FP 3080
Sire: TW Bwana     Dam: BWS Miss Stella

BWS Miss Fern
2012 model     FP 4112
Sire: BWS Storm N Tine     Dam: WaSaubie

BWS Miss Allie
2012 model     FP 4111
Sire: Rockin A Commander II     Dam: BWS Miss B
pictured with her 2018 calf by Domino

BWS Miss Delilah
2013 model
Sire: BWS Bwana Junior     Dam: BWS Miss Sarah

BWS Miss Irene
2013 model
Sire: BWS Gem     Dam: BWS Miss Audrey

BWS Miss Flora
2013 model
Sire: BWS Gem     Dam: BWS Miss B

HA Lacey
2006 Model WWAFP 2458
Sire: WJK Zoo Little Big Horn (bulbous horned bull)     Dam: HA Loretta Lynn

BWS Miss Rosie Girl
2014 model - WWAFP 4408
Sire: BWS Bwana Jr     Dam: BWS Miss Valentine

BWS Miss Dolly Parton
2015 model
Sire: BWS Bwana     Dam: BWS Miss Sadie

BWS Painted Lady
Sire: Liars Lake Flotsam     Dam: Liars Lake Majira
* a lot of bulbous genetics in this heifer *

New Heifer
Information coming soon.

BWS Miss Mimi
2016 model
Sire: BWS Holy Codi     Dam: BWS Miss Mariah Too

Watch for updates on our 2016-2018 replacement calves.

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