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Multi generation picture pedigrees available upon request.


BWS Bwana Junior
2010 model     FP 3079
Sire: TW Bwana     Dam: BWS Miss Clementine

HA Lacey
2006 Model WWAFP 2458
Sire: WJK Zoo Little Big Horn (bulbous horned bull)     Dam: HA Loretta Lynn

BWS Painted Lady
Sire: Liars Lake Flotsam     Dam: Liars Lake Majira
* a lot of bulbous genetics in this heifer *

Star B Warlock
Sire: Kato     Dam: HA Sabrina
* a lot of old bulbous genetics in this young bull *

Dam to this nice young future herd sire
BWS 2017 Swedish Bull Calf #1
Sire: BWS Domino     Dam: BWS Miss Mattie
Available at weaning

* * * * * * * * * *


BWS Nauvoo
Sire: Joseph     Dam: Savannah
bottle-raised gentle bull

BWS Kenyan
Sire: Joseph     Dam: Kitty
has and carries the rare yellow-eyed gene

BWS Miss Patience
Sire: Mac     Dam: Gertrude
3 year old very docile milk producing first calf heifer-exposed back to pure gyr bull

We are now taking deposits on 2018 gyr calves.
Reserve yours now with a $500 deposit.

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Zebra & ZeDonk

2016 Grant Zebra Filly
calm in the pasture
halter broke at weaning but not led as a long yearling
$6500--VERY bonded to the zedonk so prefer sell as a pair
Price for the pair $8,000

2016 Female Zedonk
Comes when called, eats out of hand held bucket
was halter broke at weaning.
VERY bonded to the zebra jenny, born 2 days apart, sired by the same zebra stud.
$2,500--prefer to sell as bonded pair. Price for the pair $8,000

* * * * * * * * * *


We are taking deposits on 2018 eland bottle babies and mother-raised babies.
Starting prices for Males $2,500 * Starting prices for Females $5,000

* * * * * * * * * *

Mini Donkeys

Detailed info available upon request. Package deals on 3+ head.

Weanling Mini Jack

Mini Jenny. Consistent foaling, bred to small sorrel jack.

Heikens Ark registered mini jenny
Exposed to small registered sorrel mini jack
Not a consistent foaler

Heikens Ark small sorrel registered jenny
with young jennette on side
Exposed back to same small registered sorrel jack
$1,750 for the pair

Prices subject to change without calves are weaned, etc.
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