Broken M Farms

Our Mares

The ladies of Broken M are all very special to us. Each have their own unique personalities. But they all have friendly, good natured dispositions; are well mannered and easy to handle. All the mares are our homegrown girls with the exception of Red Pepper. These mares are well bred, beautiful and athletic. We are very pleased with all of them.

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Broken M's Summer Delight MHF
2011 AMHR Mare - 33 inches
Sire-Flying A Magic's Black Tie Affair
Dam-Broken M's Painted Sunrise

Summer is such a pretty, feminine young mare. She is as sweet as she is pretty. Always the first to come up to us in the pasture. Summer has a lovely, floating trot. Her hooves seem to barely touch the ground. We are so pleased with this young mare and excited about her future.


Broken M's Painted Sienna
2003 AMHR Mare - 35 inches
Sire-Flying A Magic's Black Tie Affair
Dam-Broken M's Painted Princess

Sienna is a beautiful mare, with lovely head and neck and big 'soft' eyes. She has such a pretty flowing, ground covering trot. We love her bay pinto coat and bold black points. We are very proud of Sienna and her foals. It is such a pleasure to have this 'home grown' beauty as part of our farm family.


Broken M's Painted Sunrise
2004 AMHR Mare - 33 inches
Sire-Flying A Magic's Black Tie Affair
Dam-Broken M's Painted Princess

Sunrise is a gorgeous mare, highlighted by her lovely dished face, huge eyes, graceful neck. She has produced pretty, quality foals. Sunrise has such a sweet, gentle disposition. She is a real little jewel in our mare band.


Broken M's Faline
2005 AMHR Mare - 34 inches
Sire-Flying A Magic's Black Tie Affair
Dam-Broken M's Missa K

If Faline knows you are looking at her she will definetly pose for you. She is a bit of a diva, but with that lovely face, flowing white mane and stand out color one can't really blame her. Faline is also a real sweetheart, smart and curious. She brings a lot of good traits to our mare band. We are very pleased with Faline.


Broken M's Dakota McQs Red Pepper
1994 AMHR Mare - 30.25 inches
Sire-Wittmaacks Eclipse
Dam-Dakota McQs Skipper

Pretty little mare, although 20 years old, sure doesn't look or act her age. Pepper is very sweet, but spunky and lots of fun. She will have her forever home here at Broken M. We call her our Grandma mare-but don't tell Pepper. We love her bright copper color, even with a little gray on the face.


Broken M's Dazzling Doll MHF
2010 AMHR Mare - 34 inches
Sire-Flying A Magic's Black Tie Affair
Dam-Broken M's Summer Breeze

Dazzle is a pretty, graceful young mare, who we think has a very 'dazzling coat pattern and color.' She is a genetic gold mine for producing loud colored foals. Dazzle is also a very friendly and sweet mare. She is a real pleasure to have on our farm. It will be very exciting to see Dazzle's future foals.


2011 Mare - 33.5 inches

What a pretty girl, and boy can she move! Hope is of our breeding, but unfortunately she was unable to be registered. However, papers or not she is a beautiful, athletic young mare with a huge trot. Hope is very sweet, curious and smart. We love her bold coloring and coat pattern. Hope is so much fun and we are delighted with her.


Missa K
Broken M's Missa K
1996 AMHR Mare - 31.5 inches
Sire-Kamelot's Little Angel Super Snip
Dam-Broken M's Amber Delight

Missa K is truly the Queen of Broken M. She has been such an important mare for our farm. No one who sees her can believe she was born in 1996. Missa K is a beautiful little mare with a spunky and sweet personality. We just love her face, big eye and eye catching coat color. She will have her forever home here at Broken M. Love you Missa K!


Broken M's Bella Mia MHF
2008 AMHR Mare - 31.5 inches
Sire-Flying A Magic's Black Tie Affair
Dam-Broken M's Sheza Lil Dream

Mia is a very lovely, graceful little mare with such a sweet personality, too. We really love her naturally shiny black coat with just enough white to really show her off. And that blue eye really pops. Wow! We feel this little gal will have a very bright future on our farm.


Broken M's Liliana MHF
2009 AMHR Mare - 33 inches
Sire-Im Willow Creeks 2 Cool 2 Dance
Dam-Broken M's Painted Sunrise

Lilly is smart and very curious, she doesn't miss anything. She learns quickly, is very sweet and well mannered. Lilly really stands out in the pasture with her unique coat pattern and color. But what you will really notice is that she is a moving machine with her big, ground covering trot. She loves,loves, loves to trot and we love to watch her.


Broken M's Kernel's Lovenote MHF
2008 AMHR Mare - 34 inches
Sire-Native Prairie Kernels Legacy
Dam-Broken M's Painted Sienna

Our Lovie is a granddaughter of the foundation stallion, Iowa's Little Kernel. She has a unique coat color and sabino lacing on her back. Lovie is a smart curious girl who really thinks things through and learns quickly. She has a good natured disposition and is very friendly. Lovie has a pretty head and neck and trots out very nicely. She is a lot of fun to have on our farm.


Broken M's Painted Rose
2007 AMHR Mare - 34.5 inches
Sire-Broken M's Painted Reflection
Dam-Broken M's Sugar Bay

Painted Rose is a perfect name for this pretty, colorful mare. Rosie really stands out in the pasture with her ground covering trot and fancy coat color. As with all our mares, Rosie has a friendly, people loving personality. She is a smart mare and learns very quickly. Rosie has the perfect mix of sweet and spunky!