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We offer the following horses for your consideration.

Most years we have a few horses for sale. But we aren't interested in just selling a horse. We want to match the right horse with the right person. A win-win for everyone.

When we have horses for sale, they are available for purchase from mid-April to mid-October. However, over the winter months I am most happy to answer any questions, provide additional photos, extended pedigrees, prices, terms of sale, etc. Our prices are always reasonable and may be negotiable to the right home. If a horse catches your eye please e-mail for more information at or call 701-673-3230.
Ask for Pat. Come visit our farm.


Fike's Rockys Painted Spirit
2008 AMHR Stallion - 28 inches (eligible for permanent AMHA, too)
Sire-Rocking Horse Acres Rock O Fellow
Dam-Fike's Angel Eyes

If you like your miniature horses on the smaller side, but with lots of personality, Rocky may just be your guy. He is good looking and a grandson of Boone's Little Buckeroo.

The first thing people notice about Rocky is his pretty little face and huge expressive dark eyes, that are really set off by his palomino pinto color and flowing white mane. Rocky could lose a bit of weight, but he does have a balanced body and correct legs. For such a small horse Rocky moves out well, reaching well under himself and extending those little legs as far as they will go.We have taken a break from breeding, so we have not used Rocky for breeding purposes. Rocky could be a real asset if you are breeding for the smaller miniature horse. He is AMHR registered and also eligible for his permanent AMHA papers. Rocky would also be an awesome gelding, with his friendly, yet spunky personality. We could have him gelded for you in the early spring. Rocky is a definetly a farm favorite here on Broken M. I am sure he would be on your farm, too. There are several more photos of Rocky on the Stallion Page.

Broken M's Painted Legacy MHF
2010 AMHR Gelding - 36.50 inches
Sire-Toys Explosive Egyptian Legacy
Dam-Broken M's Painted Sienna

Legacy is a very pretty boy with a friendly, fun personality. He has exactly what we like, the right mix of substance and refinement. Legacy has powerful hindquarters which allow him to reach well under himself with an extended stride at both the walk and trot. He has a graceful neck, proportional to his pretty, refined face, big brown eyes, too. Legacy is smart, curious and learns quickly. He has plenty of spunk, but is well mannered and easy to handle. He has been my buddy since he was a little guy and although that has been a pretty important job, I can't help but wonder if Legacy is destined for something else-Pleasure Driving, CDE, Horse Agility......There is plenty of potential in this boy to go in any direction you might want. I wonder what you and Legacy might accomplish together? I know you will certainly have fun together. There are several more photos of Legacy on the Gelding Page.


Broken M's Dakoda Cool MHF
2011 AMHR Gelding - 34 inches
Sire-Im Willow Creeks 2 Cool 2 Dance
Dam-Broken M's Painted Rose MHF

Kody is such a cute boy and really stands out with his bright red and white pinto coat and sparkling blue eyes. He is super friendly and people orientated. Kody is smart, curious and likes to please, with just enough spunk to keep things fun. You will love his personality for sure. He has the conformation and temperment that will let you enjoy many activities with Kody-Pleasure Driving, Youth/4-H showmanship, performance, parades.......Most important he will be your best buddy all the time. If you want a pretty, friendly, fun horse Kody may just be your boy. There are several more photos of Kody on the Gelding Page.



Broken M's Painted Rose MHF
2007 AMHR Mare - 34.50 inches
Sire-Broken M's Painted Reflection
Dam-Broken M's Sugar Bay

There is a lot for you to like about Rosie. One of the first things you will notice is her pretty, regal head. Rosie's bold bay and white pinto coat is so eye catching. Rosie may be a bit plump, but what a lovely balanced body she has. You will also definetly notice how pretty Rosie moves. She reaches well under herself with an extended stride at both the walk and trot. Rosie has had one foal-Kody (on the gelding and sales page). She settled easily and was a very good mom. Rosie will both hand and pasture breed. She is friendly, fun and easy to handle. You would enjoy Rosie.