Dead Broke Ranch
Our Foundation Pure Cows



Queen Jera

Foundation Pure Cow
Calved 4/23/2000
We feel very fortunate to aquire this great cow. Out of the legenday cow "Princess Hillary" and the great bull "Rockin A Thunderbolt". This is an awesome cow.

Rockin A Pebbles

Foundation Pure Cow
Calved 4/05/1999
This great cow has everything. Great color and great horn. A full sister to Queen Jera, Pebbles is out "Princess Hillary" and "Rockin A Thunderbolt".

Sarahs Serendipity

Foundation Pure Cow
Calved 4/23/2002
We are very happy to acquire this great cow. Sarah has great color and horn size. Usually her calves don't sell for less than $3500. She has a great disposition and loves a good scratch.

DBR Miss Valentine

Foundation Pure Cow
Calved 4/25/2007
Miss Valentine is growing a great set of horns. A very "fountation" type of Watusi cow with long upswept horns. Her dam was one of the very best cows in the business.

Cook Creek Rae

Foundation Pure Cow
Calved X/XX/XXXX
pedigree coming soon
Rae......Info coming soon!

DBR Rockin Rolay

Foundation Pure Cow
Calved 5/1/2010
Rolay might be the last heifer calf out of the great bull "Bwana". She already is showing some great mass from her mother, DBR Miss Wynona.

BWS Miss Kali

Foundation Pure Cow
Calved 7/16/2010
We are excited to see how this bottle baby from North Carolina turns out. There have been some awesome cows come from this ranch. Kali has already started growing her large horns with great mass and length for her age.

Bar G Daisy Duke

Foundation Pure Cow