Mares at Dead Horse Draw Quarter Horses

At Dead Horse Draw Quarter Horses, we are working to produce good looking, hard working Quarter Horses from top Foundation bloodlines. (Being gray is just a bonus!)

Broodmare bloodlines include a large contribution from Jackie Bee and major influence from many older foundation lines.

The horses raised here are raised for one purpose: working ranch horses. That means they need to have a correct conformation, solid feet/bone and the size and muscle to stand up to hard work on a day-in/day-out basis. Then they need to have the mind and temperment to be trainable. These are the type of horses that AFTER work will still make top performance horses for any level of competition.

Come on in and see if you like these horses as much as we do. Thanks for stopping by!

David, Alyx, Lexi, Douglas and Gage
Dead Horse Draw Quarter Horses
David's Phone Number: 701-789-0411

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