Miscellaneous Pictures
Dead Horse Draw Quarter Horses, LLC

North Dakota prairie sunsets can be spectacular.

2004 Brown Gelding x RWS Docs San Peppy

Doug and Doug watching Snuffy in the competition
Our little cowgirls looking fashionable

Here are some pics of our family and the horses.

Spring 2019 to Fall 2019


Fall 2018 to Spring 2019

Charlene Wadell's Curly and their awards


August 2018

Congratulations to the 7th Annual Doug Geier Memorial Shoot Buckle Winners!
L to R: Daymond Syversen, Edgeley - Top Hand Award; Taryn Thompson, Groton, SD - Wrangler Champion;
Vickay Gross, Hazelton, ND - 4D Champion; Beth Brown, Bathgate, ND - 3D Champion;
Miles Cahoon, Bismarck, ND - 2D Champion; Sara Schank, Richardton, ND - 1D and Quick Draw Champion;
Elli Lloyd, Edgeley, ND - Triple R Coteau Rodeo Princess.


September 2017 Photos


August 2017

Congratulations to the 6th Annual Doug Geier Memorial Shoot Buckle Winners!
L to R: Duane Vetter - 1D Champion, Roger Collins - 2D Champion, Beth Brown - 3D Champion,
Patsy Schlosser - 4D Champion, Jenna Syversen - Wrangler and Sara Schank - Quick Draw Champion


Some 2016 Photos


June 2015

4th Annual Doug Geier Memorial Shoot - September 2015
Triple R Arena

NDMSA Mounted Shooting Jackpot - May 2015
Flying D Arena

Megan on Midget
David on Mud
David on Mud

April 2015--2 and 3yo's getting ready for work

The DHD Brand

3nd Annual Doug Geier Memorial Shoot - September 2014
Triple R Arena

Douglas on Mud
Lexi and Midget
Lexi on Midget

Douglas on Mud
Gage on Slim
Lexi on Midget

David on DHD Biting Brutus (2012 sorrel gelding)
Douglas on Mud
Douglas and Mud

David on DHD Biting Brutus (2012 sorrel gelding)

Sheri on DHD Biting Brutus (2012 sorrel gelding)

1D Champ-Lane Nelson....2D-Vickay Gross....3D-Betty Dietrich....4D-Sheri Geier....Wrangler-Lexi Geier....Quickdraw-Courtney Klever

The Wrangler competitors:
Champion-Lexi Geier, Douglas Geier, Gage Geier and Gracie Syversen......
watch out next year boys!!!! You know why.......
Lane Nelson-1D Champion
sponsored by Central Power Electric Cooperative
Vickay Gross-2D Champion
sponsored by Bank Forward

Betty Dietrich-3D Champion
sponsored by Schaefer Vermeer Equipment, Valley City
Sheri Geier-4D Champion
sponsored by Sandhills Saddlery
Lexi Geier-Wrangler Champion
sponsored by V-W Motors, Cooperstown

ND High School/Jr. High Rodeo - September 2014
Valley City

An early morning at the rodeo where Lexi was "princessing".

2104 Jacob Long Memorial Horse Show - August 2014

Lexi Geier and her horse, Midget
Competing for Princess at the 2014 Triple R Coteau Rodeo

Last minute instructions before interviews
Interviewing with the judges

2nd Annual Doug Geier Memorial Shoot - September 7 & 8, 2013
Triple R Arena

Jacob Long Memorial Show - August 2013

Some videos from the show:
Around the Ranch - July 2013

"The Boys" - July 2013

"The Outlaws" - Lexi, Gage & Douglas

Douglas on Mud - Is this the right way to do it?
Lexi on Slim

Butch getting "urbanized"

Butch with Anna - working on barrels & a bath afterwards

Some More Around the Ranch - June 2013

1st Annual Doug Geier Memorial Shoot - September 2012
Flying D Arena

Edgeley Horse Show - August 19, 2012

Douglas on Mud - Egg & Spoon
David on Talon - Egg & Spoon

Lexi on Midget - Keyhole
Grandpa Norman, Grandma Karen, Sheri & Gage - Having lunch

Douglas on Mud - Keyhole
Dougles on Mud - Poles

Lexi on Midget - Poles
Lexi on Midget - Barrels


David on Talon - Poles

Gage - Boot Race

Lexi on Midget - Jousting

Lexi on Midget - Flag Race

Douglas on Mud - Flag Race
David on Talon - Musical Chairs

David on Talon & Gage on Midget - Flag Race

Lexi on Midget - Musical Chairs

Douglas on Mud & Lexi on Midget - Sack Race

Lexi on Midget with David - Rescue Race

David on Midget with Lexi -Scoop Shovel Race

Geier Family Playday - July 2012

Birthday Camping Trip at the Shack - July 2012

April 2012
Junior's first foal (a filly) just after being born on 4/30. Congrats Theresa Dighans, Peerless, MT.

September 2011
SRSC Playday

Douglas and Spotsie-competing in Barrels and the Water Pail Race

Lexi and Midget-competing in Barrels and the Flag Race

Douglas and Spotsie-competing in the Flag Race

Lexi, Gage and Spotsie-competing in Monkey on the Barrel

David on Cake and Lexi on Midget in the Sack Race / David on Cake and Douglas on Spotsie in the Sack Race

Douglas and Spotsie-competing in Poles

August 2011
MRB Ranch Horse Competition

Lexi and Gus steal the show

David on Bag O Bones
David competing on Bee Without Sox
Lexi on Gus & David on Sox

October 2010

Sport Around Jack...a.k.a. Midget
The pictures below are from the 2010 NCRCHA Derby where he placed First in the Reining Division of the Derby.
Watch for him this spring in the NCRCHA events in MAY as well as youth reining and the 2011 NCRCHA Derby in October.

June 2010
Nebraskaland Days Rodeo

Lexi, Douglas, Gage at queen's row - the last is with Matisyn Humphrey

July 2010
May-Port Saddle Club Playday


Lexi-flag race
Lexi-pole bending
Gage-pole bending

August 2010
Missouri River Breaks Ranch Horse Competition

Runner Up

Eighteen Gray Pep

2006 Gray Mare
Sire: RWS Docs San Peppy
Dam: Jackies Gray Gal 18

September 2010
Lexi and Spotsie
Douglas and Spotsie
David and Lexi

September 2010
Mayville playday-rained out

Lexi and Spotsie

Gage and Windsor

Douglas and Lexi

Douglas, Lexi and Gage after a hard day

September 2010
Sheyenne River Saddle Club playday-Harvey
David and Douglas-speed dash

Grampa Doug and Douglas

David and Gage-speed dash

David and Douglas-barrels

David and Gage-barrels
David and Douglas
David and Douglas-flag race

Lexi-flag race

Lexi and Douglas-monkey on a barrel

Lexi and Gage-monkey on a barrel

David and Douglas-sack race
David and Lexi-sack race

Douglas, Lexi and David-pony express race

September, 2009

Sheyenne River Saddle Club playday

Daniel/Mud-speed dash
David, Daniel and Jill watching

David/Cookie Monster-speed dash
Jill/Gus-water pail race


Daniel/Mud-flag race
Jill/Gus-flag race
David/Jill-sack race

David/Daniel-sack race

David/Daniel-calf sled race

David/Jill-calf sled race
David/Jill-calf sled race

David/Jill-monkey on a barrel
David/Jill-monkey on a barrel
David/Jill-monkey on a barrel

David/Daniel-monkey on a barrel
David/Daniel-monkey on a barrel
David/Daniel-monkey on a barrel

August, 2009

MRB Ranch Horse Competition

Hollidays Dusted Doc
aka 'Mud' - top 10 finisher
2004 gelding by RWS Docs San Peppy/Bar Dusty Chic

Bee Sweet Or Sassy
2003 mare by Krogs Lil Shade/Jackies Gray Gal

David and Jill

July, 2009

Jill and Papa at the Griggs County 4-H Show
Reserve Champion Barrels
Reserve Champion Goat Tying

SD State Shoot

Grand Entry

Jill & Mud, messing around
David & Jill
Jill shooting on Sassy
David shooting on Mud

Jill shooting

Desparado Days...Riding the Bull

More Desparado Days Pics
Gage hula roping
Jill shooting on Midget

Lexi - Mutton busting
Douglas - Mutton busting

David and Mud
Jill and Sassy

Lexi and Daniel

Jill and Midget - in training
Jill and Midget - in training

June, 2009

Carrington Youth Rodeo Pics

Daniel mutton busting
Jill and Flash

Daniel watching the action
Jill and Mud

May, 2009

Jill Competing at the
2009 River City Shootout-CMSA Wrangler Division
on Mud
Dave Competing at the
2009 River City Shootout-CMSA Open Division
on Mud

Jill, Lexi and Flash practicing
Jill and Daniel blowing up balloons

October, 2008

Daniel and Gus (Geiers Lil Biter)

Jill and Mixer stare down the beast

August, 2008

Lexi racing across the field
Jill and Smoke

July, 2008

David & Douglas on Smoke

Smokey and Blue in the pasture.

Lexi and Douglas, Winter 07

Fish fry at the Shack, Spring 07

Lexi doing barrels on Smoke, Summer 07

Mares and Foals - Heading Home

Our Barn & Round Pen