Dusty Lane Vegas Gold Digger

Born 5/31/01 - AMHR
32.0" on 5/18/02

Digger is a gorgeous creme colored zebra dun. She is sired by Hilltop's Little Vegas (32.0") and out of Lilliput Acres Maya (37.75" - pictured below).

Digger has matured into a stunning yearling with big, expressive eyes, and her black points really are eye-catching. Her black socks now come above her knees and hocks. She is athletic, balanced and very correct with a LOT of energy and that "look at me" attitude. While she hasn't been worked with a lot, she is always right there, looking for attention and a good scratch. With some time and patience, she should be an outstanding 'B' halter show filly, driving mare and later an outstanding broodmare.

SOLD! Congratulations to Suzanne Silvio of Sequin, Texas!