Dusty Lane Tribute Karaoke Sunday
AMHA/AMHR & Parentage Qualified Pending
Sorrel Filly - Born 3/23/08
Sire: Lucky Four Apache Tribute
Dam: Little Kings Jubilee Lorilee

This little girl is going to make a big name for herself on the show circuit! HOOKY neck, tiny teacup muzzle, big wide eyes, beautiful shoulder, big hip with an excellent tail-set. And what a pedigree!! A granddaughter of East Acres Golden Jubilee, Dippers Dipsy Doodle, and Lucky Four Jessica James! Her dam has one of the prettiest heads on the place, and with Tribute as her sire, she is sure to excel in the performance arena as well as in halter. Will mature 32-33". Height guarantee. AMHR National Futurity nominated and FOR SALE!!