Dusty Lane Vegas Wild Card

Photo at 5 days
Born 4/21/02 - AMHR
Sire: Hilltop's Little Vegas
Dam: Rowbuck Juliette

Another extremely primitive zebra dun! This colt has the ultra-refined, leggy look and will be stunning in the show ring, both in halter and later as a driving horse. He has the 'typey' head with wide-set eyes and teacup muzzle that everyone is breeding for - and his big star makes him a real eye-catcher. Add to that black-tipped ears, black legs with zebra striping, and a dorsal stripe. His dam is one of the friendliest, most gentle horses on the planet, and he has inherited her great disposition.

Photo at 2 months

SOLD! Congratulations to Lauri Thill of Deer Brook Miniatures, Deerbrook, Wisconsin.