Grant Zebras at Fantasy Corral

We have been bottle raising Grant Zebras since 1987. We have found with bottle raising the foals, we earn more trust and workability with this very unique animal that spends its time by nature on guard for that unexpected preditor.

We feed and care for our zebras the same as our horses. They receive sweet grain, good hay and deworming at least three times per year done with oral wormers. Their hooves are normally kept up by their activity, but we pour rough cement in the area outside of the barn, which also helps with their hoof care.

At the present time we do NOT have any zebras available for sale. Please check back as we will be posting when we will have some available in the future.

Some of our mares

Some zebra foal photos

Our foals with the mares

Mary and her foal

Molly and her foal

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