Petting Zoo Exhibits from Fantasy Corral

Fantasy Corral specializes in baby animal exhibits. During the spring, summer and autumn months, we work with schol programs, libraries, company picnics, fairs, parades and festivals. No event is too small or too large.

Young or baby animals we have had in our petting zoo exhibits include: a camel, miniature donkey, miniature horse, chinchilla, Eland, Nilgai, potbelly pig, fainting goat, zebu, zebra, wallaby, coatimundi, lemur, tortoise, fox, llama, miniature sheep, Scottish highlander, and others.

We provide information signs about our animals to teach the basics to the public.

For more information, please call 715/698-3079 or email us at

Our Lemur

Zebu Calves

Baby Camel

Baby Zebra


African Antelope

One of our Chinchillas

Miniature horse foal

Baby Nilgai

Cody, the coatimundi

A Wallaby

Miniature Pot-Bellied Piglets

Scottish Highland Calf

Some more calves

Visitors can feed some of the animals

Baby Camels

Baby Lemur

French Lop Rabbits


Brahman calf

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