at Fields of Blessing

Triple K's Planned Perfektion

AMHA/AMHR Buckskin Gelding
When Tina lost her gelding this spring, our friends at Windswept Miniatures lent her this sweet gelding to use for the show season. His awesome personality won us all over, so we finally convinced them to sell him to us. This boy has a heart of gold and will give you his all! So happy to add him to our herd.


Countrylanes Brokers Super Nova

Sorrel - 31.5"

Sire: Rivers Edge BTU Love Broker
Dam: Bertrands Silly Filly

Nova is a cute little gelding who has been shown extensively - including successfully at AMHR Nationals. This little guy can perform! Excellent youth horse. Man, can he jump! And now Nova is broke to drive! What fun we will have now!

SOLD! Nova is a once in a lifetime gelding, a super sweet teddy bear. He deserved a home where he would be loved by little kids again and be a babysitter, so congratulations to the Chubaty family.


Fields of Blessing Bucks Ring of Fire

Born May 1, 2010
Sire: Countrylanes Buck For Pleasure
Dam: Countrylanes Chasin Little Angels

We are keeping an eye on this stunning gelding. He has incredible potential as a future performance horse- and tonnes of character!