at Fields of Blessing

RHA Sultan Of Swing

Sire: FRH JC's Captivation
Dam: WHF Jets Simply Awesome

We are so excited to add this amazing stallion to our herd! He is so extreme in every way, the most refined horse I have ever laid eyes on. Swinger has the most stunning head, natural, hooky neck, long legs and even topline. I am so excited what he will produce for us here. He is a wonderful start to our ASPC/AMHR program. Thank you to Devon and Nigel for giving us the opportunity to own this incredible stallion!

Swinger will now reside full time at Fields of Blessing Miniatures. His foals have never disappointed so we're very excited to continue his future here.


Countrylanes Zeus Mount Olympus

Born: 2018

Sire: Ericas Trotters Custom Made
Dam: Buck Ons La Vida Loca

We are excited about this new addition! To see this colt move - wow! And his refinement! Looking forward to his foals!



Erica's Trotters Custom Made

Co-owned with Countrylane Miniatures

We are extremely excited that Countrylane Miniatures shared this special stallion with us! "Zeus" is so exotic and incredible, just wows us! Direct Trotter son! We look forward to crossing him with our mares!

Now offered FOR SALE!


Countrylanes Captain Marvel

Sire: Erica's Admirals Right on Target (ASPC/AMHR/AMHA)
Dam: Wauk-A-Way Dancing Doll

This gorgeous little stallion is everything we've been looking for in a herd sire! I am so excited to see what he will add to our herd!


Reference Sires:

Fields of Blessing BR Cowboy

Born 2012 - AMHA/AMHR
Sire: Fields of Blessing Brokers Ricochet
Dam: Lilliput Acres Olympia

Gorgeous little buckskin pinto stallion. Very high headed and flashy. There is something about him that just 'wows' me. He has a nice short back, compact body but is very correct in every way. For this reason he is being retained and 'watched' here to see if he truly has the outstanding stallion potential that I think he does!! Love this little guy!!

Congratulations to Rod and Heather Hart of Meadowind Miniatures. We hope Cowboy does amazing things in your program.

Fields of Blessing Brokers Ricochet
Lilliput Acres Olympia


Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man

Sire: Flying W Farms Medicine Man
Dam: Starhavens a Little Blue Nun

'Magic Man' has been my dream stallion since my miniature venture began. 30.5", black and white and homozygous for pinto. Not to mention a multi world champion stallion! It was a thrill just to own a son of his. Never in my wildest dreams could I ever have imagined owning him!! Magic Man's success can be credited to some of his past owners, Aloha Acres and JSW Farms. Thank you to Jonathon of JSW Farms for giving us the opportunity to own a true legend in miniature! This distinguished stallion will live out his days with us!

Magic Man was co-owned with our wonderful friends, Rod and Heather Hart of Meadowind Miniatures. Thank you for everything you did to bring Magic Man home!!

Passed away Oct 30, 2019.


LM Hawks Secret Weapon


Reserve National Champion Weanling Stallion, 2008 AMHR Nationals, shown by Lee Crutchfield!

What an exciting addition to our herd. He already has a National title! We look forward to his years ahead in the showring and as a breeding stallion. He is certainly our 'Secret Weapon!' Direct son of CHAMPION FARMS NIGHTHAWK! With his Rowdy bloodlines, we look forward to crossing with some of our "Broker" girls. Secret has matured beautifully, even in his winter woolies!


Reeces Outlaw Hawk

Sire: 4 GS Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure
Dam: RFM Bandits Gypsy Fire

Outlaw is a flashy overo stallion, 31" and correct in every way! An own son of 'Hawk', 4Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure!! He has tested negative for LWO and homozygous for Splashed white 1. Heterozygous for the Red/Black Factor, heterozygous for silver and negative for the grey gene. Some of his foals have been sold overseas.



Countrylanes Tranquil Magic

Sire: Aloha Acres IOIT 2 Magic
Dam: RB Mahogany

I knew the quality in this stallion, and sired by our previous stallion, so I couldn't resist bringing him here!! And who could deny his stunning coloring!! We are looking forward to the beautiful foals he will sire here!



Fields of Blessing Brokers Ricochet

Sire: Rivers Edge BTU Love Broker
Dam: Tibbs Copper Royale

Countrylane Miniatures has closed the books on Love Broker!! Therefore we have chosen to retain this outstanding dark bay pinto colt as a future herdsire here. His dam is a direct daughter of Marystown Echo Royale. 'Rico' has the refinement, presense and color that we dream of in a stallion. He has been an awesome producer for us!

We look forward to a partnership on this stallion with Windswept Miniatures!


Aloha Acres IOIT 2 Magic

Son of World Champion Stallion-Flying W Farms Blue Boys Magic Man!

Never in our wildest dreams could we have imagined owning such a magnificent stallion. He is truly an elegant arabian in miniature, gorgeous head and neck, leggy and refined! And to top it off he throws 100% color! Color test results: homozygous for tobiano!

** UPDATE! Marco is now a national champion producing sire- congratulations to his son Countrylanes Magics Grand Toreno on his National champion win!


Rivers Edge BTU Love Broker

We have a passion for Countrylane Miniature's stallion, Rivers Edge BTU Love Broker. We love the color, presence, and quality that he adds to all of his foals. Several of our mares have produced foals of this magnificent stallion, plus we have added direct daughters to our herd. He is nothing short of National Quality.


photos by Tracy Conrad
WCF's Classical Enforcer

2008 Reserve National Champion & National top ten, black and white stallion

The first time I met Enforcer, I said wow! Right from the start he took my breath away with his elegance, refinement and ATTITUDE! He is simply stunning, and has the 'look' we are breeding for. Enforcer is a direct son of Graham's King Lee, who has earned top honors in both ASPC/AMHR as a sire. Now that we have built our herd of quality mares, we needed another incredible stallion to compliment them. We will be selecting some of our very special mares to breed to him this spring to produce those sought after show babies.

Color test results: homozygous for tobiano! Homozygous for black factor!!

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our beloved Enforcer this summer. We are blessed to have two outstanding sons to carry on their father's legacy!