Other Animals of Forest Glen


Forest Glen Miniatures also raises pedigreed Californian, Polish, Jersey Wooly and Rex rabbits. We also raise a few peacocks!

Call 920-848-0579 or email us at staciepienta@gmail.com for availability of rabbits or peacocks.

Grand Champion Polish buck, Boo
One of our beautiful California does
Erb's Finn
Grand Champion Broken Jersey Wooly buck
Pienta's Crown Jewel
Grand Champion Jersey Wooly doe
Jersey Wooly doe, REW (ruby eyed white)
Jersey Wooly doe (black, junior)
ADORABLE broken opal Jersey Wooly 4 week old buck!

One of our beautiful peacocks! This is a pied Blue India. We raise a few chicks each year. Email us if you would like to be notified of our next available peacocks. There are almost always some for sale in late summer or early fall. We may have something available other times of the year as well!

Forest Glen also raises ADMS registered donkeys.
We may have foals available in the future so check back with us for updates!

Sonny, Lydia, and Sofie after Mallory and her treats!

Breeze and Fluff
Forest Glens Primrose
2013 dark red sorrel jennet