G M R Acres

2007 Foals Offered For Sale

For pedigrees and more information about any of the horses we are offering for your consideration, please contact us at 563-672-3281, Cell phone 563-357-3308, or send us an email at fastrack@netins.net.

GMR Buckingham Bay Dream

Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Ninis Lil Dream Katcher

Beautiful deep red bay. Nice little muzzle and fine-featured. He's an inquisitive little man in the pasture!
Thank you Laramie.


GMR Rockingham Special

AHMA/AMHR Perlino Colt

Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Rocky Acres Sunset

As his name indicates...he's special. He will mature at approximately 29".


GMR Techno Buck April Illusion

AHMA Buckskin Filly
Sire: Little Kings Techno Buck
Dam: Timber Ridge Eclipses Illusion

Oh my, what a darling! Everything we had hoped for all winter long! Darling head, with conformation and topline....this little doll is headed for the show ring.


GMR Buckingham Tuff Melody

Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Owens GCF Gold Melody

This little guy is a mover, and a gorgeous Silver Bay color. Do I see a dorsal there?
Congratulations Shelby! Good luck with Tuffy.


GMR Micki Blue

AMHR Black (Roan?) Filly
Sire: Sunshines Mickey Mouse
Dam: Geo-Mars Dixie Chick

A tiny and petite filly, Micki Blue is out of our little 29" blue roan mare. Her 29" sire's pedigree boasts of JJs Little Macho and Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse. She is a lovable little lady and is first to come up for some attention.


GMR Buckingham Dun In Red Gold

AMHA/AMHR Bay Dun Filly
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Dinahs Golden Lady (aka: Minnie)

This is a gorgeous little bay filly with a dorsal and petite features. She has "Show Me" written all over her!

SOLD! Congratulations Keelee. We're looking forward to your show debut with Red Gold.

GMR Bandido Pequeno Hombre

AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Colt
Sire: Alhaja Farms Poquito Bandido
Dam: Hillman Anniversary Waltz
Congratulations Jodi!

This "Little Man" really brightens up our pasture! His color just sets himself apart from the herd. Hombre is sure to capture the judge's eye and the audience's hearts! Tiny, tiny and will stay "pequeno".

GMR Bandido Poquito Cochise

Sire: Alhaja Farms Poquito Bandido
Dam: GMR Kewpie Doll

Congratulations to the Westphals!
Oh my! We witnessed the birth of this colorful little guy! When we saw the white legs coming we were thrilled. Bandido put some color on this boy! Kewpie has no pinto in her pedigree. And what a darling head! His measurement indicates he will mature at 30". If you are looking for a small colorful man, don't wait too long to put your down payment on "Little Chochise"!

GMR Buckingham Dun On Sunday

AMHA Dunskin Colt
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Libertys Evening Sun

Eve gave us a handsome, leggy buckskin colt with a dorsal.



GMR Buckingham Crystal Crown

Petite, Petite...with a deep Pedigree!

Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Oak View Triple Crowns Opal

This cross of Buckeroo on top with Sids Rebel on bottom produced what we were looking for. The ultimate petite little filly with a neck that will never need sweating. Crystal is a dainty little sweetheart. With her deep red color, dark black mane and tail, and tipped in ears, she will demand attention in the show ring!

GMR Buckingham Thunder Bey

Quality Pedigree in a Tiny Package

Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Reeces Thunder Bey
Congratulations to (soon to be) 'Grandpa & Grandma'!

With very limited showing by amateurs (us!), the dam accumulated several All Star points and 1 HOF. Dam is sired by Reeces Thunder Hawk, producer of several Nat'l & Futurity Top Tens. Crossed with Buckingham, she has produced a show quality colt with a darling head. He looks so petite, we were positive we had a filly before closer examination! Whether looking for stallion potential, or show gelding, don't pass this lad up.

GMR Ima Foxy Hawk

Look at Me! - Color - Bloodlines

AMHR Bay Pinto Colt
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: HFM Ima Foxy Lady


Foxy Hawk has the color to be noticed. His bay color contrasts brightly with his blaze and 2 BLUE EYES! His black tail adds to his overall coloring. His 30" sire is out of Fallen Ash Scouts Twinkle Toes and Reeces Watch Me Like a Hawk, a full sister to Reeces Thunder Hawk. His 32.5" dam is out of an overo son of Circle S Cadillac Jack.

GMR Poquito Uno Red Head

I'm a Red Head....and Sassy!

AMHA/AMHR Sorrel Pinto Filly
Sire: Alhaja Farms Poquito Bandido
Dam: Squires Montana Black Berry Wine
Santa is delivering her to California. Wishing you a Merry Christmas!

This sassy little red head will brighten your life! She is an up-headed petite package with a tiny little muzzle. Her sire's bloodlines includes several National Champions, including Ashly Acres Bruzzie, a National Top Ten Halter Stallion and producer of multiple National Champions. Her dam has Toyland and Soat breeding in her pedigree.

GMR Bandido Pequeno Uno Running Bear

"My name is bigger than I am!"

AMHA/AMHR Black Pinto Colt
Sire: Alhaja Farms Poquito Bandido
Dam: Tuckers Blackfoot Squaw
'Running Bear' will be a future sire in California

'Running Bear' is sired by a 27" black pinto rich with Champion bloodlines, including Ashly Acres Bruzzie, National Top Ten Halter Stallion and producer of multiple National Champions. His dam is an own daughter of Shredder, sire of 3 time National Champion black overo LTD's Magic Man.

GMR Hawks Bay-B Tazz

"Just call me Babe!"

AMHR Black Bay Filly
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: Small World Miss Tass

SOLD! Congratulations! We are happy Bay-B will be growing up close to us!

Hawk stamped a petiteness on this little filly from one of our best producing mares. This refined girl has Hemlock Brooks Tom Thumb, Dell Teras Lord of the Isles, and foundation Queen Ann's Jet on the bottom. On the top side, her sire carries the cross of L&D Scout and 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Please (Hawk). What a pedigree on this 'Babe'!

GMR Cocoa's Lets Play Jacks

MDR Grey Overo Spotted Dun Jack

Sire: GMR Bodacious Jack,
Miniature Donkey Registry
Dam: GMR Cocoa
American Donkey Registry

Out of a 47" brown spotted jennet and a 33.25" grey dun jack, this long earred overo will probably mature under for eligibility to the Miniature Donkey Registry. Our donkeys are weaned and penned with the weanling miniatures. They are excellent guards for pastured miniatures. Note: Jacks need to become 'Johns' for this work :-) When the jennets are old enough for breeding....they 'cry' (quite loudly) when they have to leave their mini buddies to join the donkey herd.

SOLD! Congratulations! Have fun with this fun little guy!