G M R Acres

2008 Foals Offered For Sale

For pedigrees and more information about any of the horses we are offering for your consideration, please contact us at 563-672-3281, Cell phone 563-357-3308, or send us an email at fastrack@netins.net.

GMR Buckinghams Easter Lily

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 3/23/08
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Coal Morning Dew SOS

Lilly's dam has the most exquisite little face we've ever seen. Combine that with the refinement that sire "Buck" has produced, and here is the result! She's a bright red beauty. Look at those long legs, yet she officially measured only 26" for her show debut at the Iowa State Fair, August, 2008.

Photo taken October '08
GMR LK Little Buckeroos Kahoka Classic

Palomino Filly
AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 4/2/08
Sire: Little Kings Little Buckeroo (aka: Junior)
Dam: Kahoka Sorrel Angie

Here is some of Little King Farm's top bloodlines! One of Little King Farm's favorite mares, "Angie" consistently produced nice refined foals each year mated with a variety of LK Buckeroo sires. With an own son of Buckeroo as a daddy, Little Kings Little Buckeroo, this filly is everything we had hoped for. A darling face, tipped ears and a teacup muzzle....oh my, it's hard to take my eyes off her!

Photo taken October '08
GMR Foolers First Taste Of Love

Buckskin Dun Filly
AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 4/5/08
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled
Dam: Rocky Acres Sunset

This is the first foal from our stallion "Fooler". Fooler's pedigree is the culmination of Little King Farm breeding with 3 crosses to the infamous Buckeroo, plus Komokos Little King Supreme and Chocos Little Specks Red Boy. Rocky has been a consistent producer of quality foals, giving this filly a strong pedigree top & bottom! And a buckskin to boot!

GMR Buckingham Cherry Sundae Delight

Red Dun (?) Filly
AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 4/13/08
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Libertys Evening Sun


Buckeroo on top with an almost exclusive Komokos maternal breeding! This same breeding produced an awesome buckskin colt last year. And this year....a red dun! 'Cherry' has a light dorsal and a gorgeous petite little face. Email if you would like a peek at this pedigree.

Photo taken October '08
GMR Buckingham Ruby Crown Jewel

Chestnut Filly
AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 4/17/08
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Oak View Triple Crowns Opal


A petite dam and a sire that stamps refinement on his foals....and what do you get? It's hard to wait! .....And here she is! A darling little horse that will mature under 30". Ruby contains the best characteristics of both parents.

GMR Nacho Plano Bandido

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 4/26/08
Chestnut Pinto Colt
Sire: Alhaja Farms Poquito Bandido
Dam: Tuckers Kickin Margaritas

There's color bursting all over this one's pedigree! Dam has Shredder 2 times in her pedigree. And this little guy was not a disappointment! His sire, Bandido, is not only producing color, but also quality foals worthy of show ring presence. "Nacho" will stay small. If you are looking for color in a small package, you'll love Nacho.

GMR Fooler Had A Dream

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 4/30/08
Filly - Color undetermined
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled
Dam: Ninis Little Dream Katcher

This little filly's sire, Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled's sire, Little King Buckeroos I Stand Grand, sired champions for Fallen Ash Farm; plus his dam is sired by Little Kings White Russian. Her grullo dam is sired by Boones Little Woody, himself the sire of National Reserve & Top 10 foals. PLUS Wittmacks Mickey Mouse, Iowa's Little Kernel and Lucky Girl, a Reserve Champion producer to the bottom maternal line! "Fooler's Dream" will make our dreams come true! She's black now, but she has some light hairs showing through.

GMR Bandido Poquito Chiquita

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 5/7/08
Filly - Black Pinto
Sire: Alhaja Farms Poquito Bandido
Dam: GMR Kewpie Doll


Chiquita is a beautiful black and white filly from our tiny 27" color producing stallion, Bandido. Chiquita has a pedigree to go with her flashy looks! Her dam is half sister to an AMHR and AMHA National Champion. With Champions like Ashly Acres Bruzzie, Double Vision, Flying W Farm Legionaire, Pepper, Chianti and others, she will make a wonderful addition to anyone's herd.

Photo taken October '08
GMR Fooling With Thunder

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 5/10/08
Filly - Bay
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled
Dam: Reeces Thunder Bey

Here is the magical cross of BUCKEROO and HAWK (4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure). This mixing of two of the top breeding farms in the US, Little King Farm and Reece Family Miniatures, has produced this refined little filly. Fooling With Thunder will make a great show prospect as well as a future broodmare. If you are looking to add some of the top bloodlines to your herd, don't hesitate to place a hold on GMR Fooling With Thunder.

GMR Foolers Black Gold

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 5/15/08
Filly - Black
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled
Dam: Dinahs Golden Lady


What an outstanding little black filly! Black Gold is sired by a 30.75" stallion, Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled, a son of Little Kings Buckeroo I Stand Grand, the sire of multiple champions for Fallen Ash Farms. He is sired by the Legendary BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO. Add 2 more crosses to Buckeroo, a pedigree going back to the Lowell Boone foundation mare, Tinkerbelle; plus several Champions on the dam's side and you have the makings of a dandy little show filly.

GMR Hawks Flashy Squiggles

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 5/14/08
Filly - Buckskin w/ dorsal
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: Mini L&Js Liberty Lady

Look at the picture of this adorable filly's dorsal and you'll see why we named her Squiggles! With a rich pedigree including names like L&D Scout, 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Please (HAWK), Reeces Foxfires Fancy Dontletmedown, Boones Little Woody, Komokos Little King Supreme, this little filly is bound to be a winner. Sorry, Squiggles is not for sale at this time.

photo taken October '08
GMR Hawks Brave Heart

AMHR - DOB: 5/12/08
Colt - Bay Pinto
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: White Kidz x 2 Blushing Honey


The 'heart' on the right side of this little guy prompted his name! Brave Heart is the grandson of Fallen Ash Scouts Twinkle Toes by L&D Scout and Reeces Watch Me Like a Hawk, a full sister to World Champion Reeces Thunder Hawk by the infamous HAWK. His dam is a granddaughter of Jackson White Cloud, with a pedigree that includes Flying W Farms and Jandts farms breeding. Brave Heart will stay small. Call soon to hold this little man until weaning.

Photo taken October '08
GMR Buckingham Maximum Echo

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 5/27/08
Colt - Bay
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: RCW Maximum Return


Echo is a tiny, tiny, refined, awesome little man. With the smallest horse to be awarded AMHA National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, Little Kings Buck Echo, on the top and the bottom of this awesome bay's pedigree, he has the genetics to become a sire that will downsize your babies for you. Hurry and put your down payment on him, or we may be inclined to keep him!

GMR Fooling With Color

AMHR - DOB: 5/20/08
Colt - Black Pinto
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled
Dam: Subra's Color Me Foxy

Fooling With Color was seven year old Jaden's pick from all our babies. "Color" will be going home with Jaden after weaning.

Colorful and correct, he has the presence to make you look at him! His sire has the legendary BOONES LITTLE BUCKEROO 3 times in his pedigree. His dam is sired by a National Champion and the maternal line includes the homozagous Black Pinto, Taylors White Cloud. All wrapped up in a neat little colorful package! Fooling With Color will be successful in whatever the future has in store for him.

GMR Hawks Small World Scout

AMHR - DOB: 5/31/08
Colt - Bay Pinto
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: Small World Miss Tass


This colt makes you take a look at him! He has refinement and presence. His sire is a Grand Champion & Reserve Grand Champion winner, sired by Twinkle Toes, a son of the World Champion producer L&Ds Scout. Here's a chance to purchase a show quality colt at a very reasonable price. Don't wait too long to put your down payment on him!

GMR Buckingham Gold Melody Singer

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 6/3/08
Buckskin/Dun Filly
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Amazing Sonrise Singing His Praises

Awesome little buckskin filly! Out of a long line of Champions including on the sire's side, by Ten L Captive Spirit, by Little Kings Buck Echo, by the top producing sire of all time, Boones Little Buckeroo. PLUS, dam is by Hall Of Fame AF Golden Opportunity, by Jonston's Gold Bar, by Gold Melody Boy, PLUS several other Champions in this little girl's pedigree gives her show ring presence, and will enhance anyone's breeding program! Gold Melody should mature between 30" - 32". Special consideration to a show home.

GMR Buckingham Buckeroo Red Rose

AHMA/AMHR - Born 6/8/08
Red Dun (?) Filly
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Little Kings LB Rangerette

See Special Price!

This stunning filly has show ring brilliance. She has the top producing sire of all time, Boones Little Buckeroo, on top and bottom of her pedigree. Her sire is by National & Reserve National Champion Ten L Echos Captive Spirit, a son of Little Kings Buck Echo. Her dam is sired by Little Kings Little Buckeroo, aka "Junior", and carries Roan Ranger and Little Blue Boy in her maternal side. This filly can take you to the winners circle in the show ring and produce future champions for you too!

GMR Hawks Shadow Twinkle Toy

AMHR - Born 6/10/08
Bay Filly
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: Storm Hills Twilight Shadows

Striking bay filly with a huge star! Toy is an upright tiny filly, the first foal out of a maternal line that goes to Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy on bottom and crossed with Komokos breeding. Her Grand Champion winning sire is an L&D Scout grandson out of a Reeces "Hawk" dam. Her foal measurements have her maturing at 30". Sharp looking little girl.

GMR Buckingham Red Tulip

Red Dun Filly
AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 7/9/08
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: Lil Darling Beaus Sheza Daisy Doll


Awesome & tiny! If you are looking for under 30" with petiteness, gorgeous head and bloodlines...here's the filly for you! Her dam is 30", her sire is 31", and her foal measurement indicates she will mature at 28"-29". Tulip is out of a National Top Five Senior Mare. Her buckskin sire is a maternal half brother to 2 National Top Ten winners and a National Reserve Champion. In fact, all FOUR of her grandparents are Champion show horses, or producers of Champions. Quality breeding, nice topline and tailset, tiny dished head, whether you are looking for a show filly or future broodmare, Tulip will be a quality addition to anyone's farm.