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2017 Foals Offered For Sale

We have buyers watching our website for a mini baby that fits their needs. Please don't hesitate to put a down payment on 'our' baby to hold until weaning or you might lose her/him!

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GMR Nachos Lil Socks

DOB: 4/26/2017
Sire: GMR Nacho Plano Bandido-30"
Dam: GMR Buckingham Crystal Crown-31"


COLT! Dark Bay (?) with 4 white pasterns/socks. Good looking little man that demands attention! His sire has produced World & National Top Ten winners and his dam is out of a Ten Ls Captive Spirit son. Excellent bloodline. He is estimated to mature at 30.

GMR Market Prince of Buckingham

DOB: 4/29/2017
Sire: Gold Market-27.5"
Dam: GMR Princess of Buckingham-30"


COLT! Buckskin with dorsal. Prince seems to know he is of royal bloodlines! Always has heads up, alert, regal look about him. Gorgeous little head with tippy ears. Sire is Gold Market, a 27.5" stallion with a pedigree FULL of World Champion Driving Horses. We showed the dam to World Top Five and National Top Ten. He has the bloodlines and attitude to do well in the arena and then as a herd sire. Estimated mature height is 30-31".

GMR Foolers Precious Tovero

DOB: 5/1/2017
Sire: Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled-30.75"
Dam: GMR Tequila Moon

FILLY! Chestnut tovero. Beautiful evenly marked filly with 1 blue eye! Sire is our 30.75" producer of World and National Top Ten foals. Dam is a maternal half sister to Reserve National Grand Champion Pecan Grove Zeus Buck Oro. Estimated to mature at 32".

GMR Nachos Petite Nina

DOB: 5/6/2017
Sire: GMR Nacho Plano Bandido-30"
Dam: GMR Charlies Angel


FILLY! Minimal pinto, black (or dark chestnut?) with one blue eye and blaze. Ultimate horse in a tiny package! Sire has produced a WORLD CHAMPION, World Top Ten and National Top Ten. Refined and spunky! She'll make you smile. Estimated to mature at 27-28".

GMR Foolers Ace of Spades

DOB: 5/11/2017
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled-30.75"
Dam: GMR Kewpie Doll-30"

COLT! Solid black. Black as the ace of spades! Both sire and dam are black. Ace could be homozygous black, but no testing has been done. Darling little face and head, with short ears. Ace should mature at approximately 32".

GMR Boogies Lil Bunny

DOB: 5/14/2017
Sire: Triple Ks Boogies Touch Of Royalty
Dam: GMR Foolers Impressive Reflection

FILLY! Beautiful little buckskin with a partial star. TINY, TINY! This little gal is out of a National Top Ten and World Top Ten producing little 27" buckskin stallion. She is the first foal from a 30" daughter of our National and World Top Ten producing mare. These first day pictures do not do her justice. Bunny should mature around 28"!

GMR Nachos Lil Warrior

DOB: 5/18/2017
Sire: GMR Nacho Plano Bandido-30"
Dam: GMR Mickeys Mini Mouse-28.75"

COLT! Sorrel pinto. This little guy is nicely marked. Warrior is out of a 28.75 black pinto mare we raised and showed locally. With limited showing, she earned Champion Yearling and Reserve Champion Yearling Mare and was 5th in National All Star Multi Color. Sire is a producer of National & World Top Ten winners, including a National Reserve Champion. Estimated to mature at 31", and can't believe he'll go over 30".

GMR Foolers Sugar Jets

DOB: 5/11/2017
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled-30.75"
Dam: SBS Charmed Im Sure

FILLY! Grey. Long legged beauty with a dainty little head. Pictures don't do her justice. She's gorgeous!! First foal from a little mare with a pedigree loaded with proven successful show horses, including Rhotens Little Dandy. Sire has produced both National and World Top Ten champions.

GMR Classic Midnight Express

DOB: 5/23/2017
Sire: RHA Hot Classic-30"
Dam: Tuckers Kickin Margaritas

COLT!  Appears mouse color, but black at birth, so guessing will be black.  3 stockings and a sock extending to stocking height at back. Blaze.  Going to be an eye catcher for sure.  Sire goes back to JC's Jenga and Brewers Orion Classic. Dam is a top (LTDs Magic Man) and bottom (Tuckers Red Echo) Shredder bred mare.  She has produced World Top Five and National Top Five and Ten champions.  Midnight should top out at 31"- 31.5".

GMR Gold Market Freedom

DOB: 5/28/2017
Sire: Gold Market - 27.5"
Dam: GMR Hawks Nacho Plano Filly


COLT!  Gorgeous, gorgeous! First word that comes to mind looking at this little man. He is going to mature at approx. 33" and is a looker! Beautiful palomino color with a beautiful head, long legs and Nice!

GMR Gold Market Queen

DOB: 6/6/2017
Sire: Gold Market
Dam: Star Ridge Acres Golden Opportunity 27.75"

FILLY. Oh my, and what a filly! Beautiful, conformation, tiny ears, perfection in a tiny body! Born scarlet as her mother was...and she'll be a beautiful golden palomino just like her mama. And she has the looks and attitude to follow in her Champion dam's footsteps as Regional Champion Mare and 2x World Top Three Mare! And she's going to stay tiny! $2,500. Incentive for a show home.


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