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2018 Foals Offered For Sale

We have buyers watching our website for a mini baby that fits their needs. Please don't hesitate to put a down payment on 'your' baby to hold until weaning or you might lose her/him!

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GMR Foolers Splash of Tequila

DOB: 4/28/2018
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled-30.75"
Dam: GMR Tequila Moon-32"

FILLY: Gorgeous black tovero that will stay under 30"!! Dam is half sister to Central Regional Champion and Reserve National Grand Champion, Pecan Grove Zeus Buck Oro. Sire is has sired multiple champions, plus World & National Top Ten. This little gal is unfolding into a knockout! We will consider serious show home inquiries only. Splash is estimated to mature between 28-29".

GMR Husselers Fire

DOB: 4/30/2018
Sire: GMR Bandidos Lil Husseler
Dam: S Bar Ps Dancing Lil Miracle


COLT: Bright Red [dun?] with pretty head, blaze and a blue eye, a partial blue eye and hind pasterns. Has a nice red dorsal, but I believe it is foal shading. Time will tell. Dam has a strong maternal 3 generations of Champions including sibling to World Champion Mare and a double HOF mare. Granddam is also World Champion. Sire is a 30" black pinto National Top Ten stallion.

GMR Market For Sugar

DOB: 5/4/2018
Sire: Gold Market - 27.5"
Dam: SBS Charmed Im Sure - 29.5"

FILLY: Dainty little silver grey with few hair star. Beautiful little head with a tiny muzzle. Young maternal family (granddam only had 2 foals) but has multiple World Champions in maternal line. Sire is a 27.5" palomino with Winsalot & Top Banana breeding. Sugar is predicted to mature at only 30".

GMR Husselers AJ

DOB: 5/11/2018
Sire: GMR Bandidos Lil Husseler
Dam: GMR Nacho Plano Filly


COLT: Bay, blaze, 2 partial blue eyes. Fine featured little guy. In fact, I was sure when I saw his head this was a filly foal. Dam is full sister to a Reserve National Champion who went on to sire a World Champion; also half sister to several National & World Top Tens. Sire is a black pinto National Top Ten. Although he looks all legs, his foal measurement indicates he will mature at 30".

GMR Nachos Dark Knight

DOB: 5/16/2018
Sire: GMR Nacho Plano Bandido
Dam: SV Minnies Yellow Pickle

COLT: Sooty Buckskin like his dam who has produced 5x National Champion Top Five and 2x World Top Ten. Sire is a 30" pinto that has produced a Reserve National Champion and a World Champion Foal with Mare. This little man seems destined for the show ring. Fine featured with a nice slender neck and beautiful head... and he will stay small. I think you will like him!! Knight's estimated mature height is 30".

GMR Foolers Raven Justice

DOB: 5/20/2018
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled-30.75"
Dam: Star Ridge Acres Golden Opportunity

FILLY: Solid Black (maybe Smokey Black?). Raven's dam was shown to a Regional Champion Mare, Regional Champion Amateur Senior Mare and 2x World Top Five, plus her sire has produced National Top Five and World Top Five horses. Raven is estimated to mature at 31".

GMR Boogies Jer Jer

DOB: 5/25/2018
Sire: Triple Ks Boogies Touch of Royalty
Dam: GMR Princess of Buckingham

COLT: Buckskin. Dam was shown to World Top Five and National Top Ten. Sire is our National Top Ten and World Top Ten producing little 27" buckskin stallion. Jer Jer is an upheaded little guy with an attitude that will demand attention! Jer Jer is estimated to mature at 31.5".

GMR Markets Rainy Day Z

DOB: 5/30/2018
Sire: Gold Market 27.5"
Dam: GMR Buckingham Crystal Crown

FILLY: Birth color appears to be chestnut. Ambitious little gal has been on the move since birth! DayZ appears to have movement inherited from her sire, whose pedigree is FULL of World Champion Driving Horses. Her maternal line includes RFM King Tuts Little Egypt, National Champion Amateur Stallion, RFM Dark Knights Nobility, Natl Top Ten. This tiny petite little girl is going to mature 29.5-30".

GMR Shades of Yellow

DOB: 6/6/2018
Sire: GMR Nacho Plano Bandido
Dam: GMR Buckingham Mello Yellow

FILLY: Palomino Pinto. Gorgeous tiny colorful filly. Dam consistently produces tiny fine boned babies that stay tiny. Sire is a 30" pinto that has produced a Reserve National Champion and a World Champion Foal with Mare. Shades of Yellow is estimated to mature at 28.5". She'll do well for you whatever your plans...show, future broodmare, therapy, or pet companion. She has it all.



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