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All of these mares are available for purchase unless indicated otherwise. We will try to keep our web pages up to date, however, changes will constantly be taking place. Not every mare will be shown at any one time. If you don't see what you are looking for here, please email for an updated list.

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Mares Priced to Sell

Thank you and Congratulations to buyers who purchased mares we offered during our Reduction Sale. We now have our herd at a manageable size to enable us to go south for the winter! We will continue to feature a few mares at special prices.

"Kewpie"  AMHA/AMHR-30.0"
"Destiny"  AMHA/AMHR - 31.75"
Dam of World Top Ten Filly!

"Crystal"  AMHA/AMHR - 31.0"

Our Mares


We're not ready to part with the following mares. You will need to convince us you need them in your program more than we do.
"Charlies Angel"  AMHA/AMHR-27"
Wittmaacks Mickey Mouse bloodline
"Teki" AMHA/AMHR-32.0"
Maternal half sister to
Res Natl Grand Champion
"Chiquita"  AMHA/AMHR-31.5"
Bandido x Kewpie
"Maggie"  AMHA/AMHR-32.5"
LTD's Magic Man x Shredder lines
"Mello Yellow" AMHR 28.75"
Little Kings Buck Echo granddaughter
"Toy" AMHR - 31.25"
L&D Scout x FWF Little Blue Boy
"Minnie"  AMHA/AMHR-32"
"Princess" AMHA/AMHR - 30"
National Top Ten
World Top Ten
"R Filly" 2011 AMHA/AMHR 31"
"Hawk", Shredder, L&D Scout &
LTDs Magic Man
all within 1st 3 generations!
"Baby" AMHA/AMHR-27"
Buckeroo x Mickey Mouse breeding