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To continue our breeding plans, we are placing some of our young stock back into our brood-mare band. To make room, we are offering some special pricing to entice you to purchase now. Don't wait too long, or they may be gone! Coggins & Health papers are buyers' responsibility on any horse purchased for under $800.

For pedigrees and more information about any of the horses we are offering for your consideration, please contact us at 563-357-3308, or send us an email at fastrack@netins.net.


GMR Hawks Nacho Plano Filly

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 5/11/10
Mare - Silver Bay - 31"
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: Tuckers Kickin Margaritas

Special Price: $900 $700

"R Filly" is a silver bay with a snip. Her dam is a double bred Shredder (sire of LTD's Magic Man). Her sire is a Reece family bred horse with L&D Scout on top & dam is daughter of the legendary "Hawk". We believe this filly is carrying the splash gene. She should produce some wild color when bred to a color stallion. Color or not, she has correct conformation and is a smooth looking filly with a show champion peppered pedigree.

GMR Hawks Uno Mystic Bay

AMHA filly-DOB: 5/2/11
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: Salimas Impressive Patches

Now only $800 $600!


Bay minimal pinto yearling filly with a pedigree full of champions, including Sierra Dawn Uno DeMayo, Lucky Four Galahads Impressive, L&D Scout, 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure "Hawk", and more. Her big blaze sets off the rich bay color and she has two blue eyes! Friendly little horse and measures 31.5".

GMR Foolers Color Me Hot

AMHR Pinto Filly - DOB 4/24/11
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled
Dam: Subras Color Me Foxy

Now only $700 $500!


Hottie has a pretty little face and head. Upright and nice conformation. She has that 'look at me' attitude that will catch your attention. Her maternal pedigree traces back through 12 Generations to 1892 in the Shetland Registry. The last 3 generations are Miniature Horse bloodlines. Her sire produces beautiful heads on his foals, and Hottie is no exception. Good movement with a tail flagging trot. She will make a nice addition to your breeding program, show string, companion, driver, or whatever you see in her future!

Show Horse!

GMR Bandidos Lil Flash

AMHR stallion - DOB 4/19/11
Sire: Alhaja Farms Poquito Bandido
Dam: GMR Hawks Twinkle Toy


We had planned on keeping Flash after showing him for our future stallion. George's heart attack has made us more conscious of our work load, and the need to cut back on our breeding stock. Because of the health issue, we only showed Flash at 2 shows and then our plans for National showing were cancelled this year. Flash is a fun little horse. Unfortunately we didn't take any pictures while he was showing but I did find this video clip while he was playing in between shows. He is one of a few descendants of Ashly Acres Bruzzie, a 26.5" National Champion and multiple National Top Five sire. Flash measures 29'. In his 2 shows this year, he received 3 seconds and 2 thirds. If you are looking to downsize the size of your foals, you need to consider this little guy. Or, if you just want a fun little horse, geld him and continue showing (or playing!). VIDEO CLIP!

Show Horse

GMR Hawks Nickers To U

AMHA/AMHR-DOB: 5/31/10
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
30.75" Bay with blue eyes
Dam: S Starr Seven Buckette Itsabouttime


A/R Red Dun colt. Sire was shown to Grand Champion and has sired a National Reserve Grand Champion. Dam is a granddaughter of Boones Little Buckeroo on top and NFCs Gambling Man on bottom. Maternal line to Hemlock Brooks Egyptian King. Nickers is carrying the splash gene and could produce some interesting color if crossed with pinto mares. In show barn and in training for halter showing. He'll be ready to step in the ring with you. UPDATE: Look at the color we found under his winter coat!

Show Horse

GMR Buckinghams Buckin Good

AMHA/AMHR-DOB: 4/14/10
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
31.0" buckskin
by Tel L Echos Captive Spirit
Dam: GMR LK Buckarella
32.75" black
by Little Kings Buck The System


A/R Palomino yearling colt. Sire's first 2 generations are all Show Champions and proven producers of Champions. Dam is sired by Little Kings Buck The System and, on the maternal side, carries the gorgeous head gene the Kahoka breeding is known for. Buckin Good has super action if you are looking for a future driving horse. Geld and show, or keep intact for future breeding stallion. He's showing some dark yellow through his winter coat. We expect him to shed to a deep gold palomino. In show barn and in training for halter showing. He'll be ready to step in the ring with you. If purchased before his first show, $400.

Sage Sir Buckingham

Ten L Echos Captive Spirit  x  Hidden Paradise Scarlet Lace
AMHA & AMHR - DOB 3/20/02
Stallion - Buckskin - 31.0"
Buck has been our herd sire since he was 3 years old. He stamps beautiful short dished heads on all his foals, even when mated to mares with long straight heads. We have not provided the best mares to him, but the foals are all refined, nice toplines, necks, conformation and temperament. His foals have all been 'keepers' which leads us to make the decision to sell. He is an excellent pasture herd sire and takes care of his mares. He also hand breeds. He is the ultimate gentleman. Stands for clipping, hoof trimming, etc. He could easily go to the show ring, but we never gave him a break from his mares! Here's a chance to produce show quality foals. We will continue to use him until sold.

SOLD! Buck has moved to Skylight Minis in Florida. Congratulations and Thank you Angel. I hope you will enjoy Buck as much as we have. I know he will enjoy the warm winters!


Amazing Sonrise Count Your Blessings

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 6/17/03
Mare - Cremello - 34"
Sire: AF Golden Opportunity (HOF)
Dam: Eds Darling

Cream Blessing has foaled a smokey black colt that has been sold. A down payment will hold Cream until her foal has been weaned.


"Cream" shows her Gold Melody Boy bloodline! Beautiful, correct young mare with good movement. Her sire is 2003 National Pleasure Driving Grand Champion. Cream Blessings is bred for a 2011 foal to RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk, a Reece bred stallion out of Fallen Ash Scouts Twinkle Toes and a full sister of World Champion Thunder Hawk.

Rileys Lacy J RE

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 4/13/87
Mare - Brown/Star - 33.5"
Sire: Flying W Farms Ramses RE
Dam: Rileys Silver Vanessa


Click here
for pedigree &
pics of her foals
Lacy is a National Top Ten producer and is of the same maternal line as Little Kings Bay Ablaze. She is open and will be bred to a 27" black pinto that is homozygous pinto for a 2011 foal. This same mating produced a beautiful black and white colt in 2009.

Too Late - He's SOLD

GMR Buckingham Little Dude

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 6/12/09
Stallion - cremello - 26.75"
Sire: Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
31" Buckskin
Dam: Amazing Sonrise Little Amazing Grace

Congratulations Don! May you have many 'Lil Dudettes' in the future!

Owens GCF Gold Melody

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 4/28/1999
Mare - Black - 33.75"
Sire: Huffs Great Gatzby
Dam: Wise Miniature Palomino Girl


Click here
for pedigree &
pics of her foals
Melody has produced a beautiful cremello so we know she is carrying the cream gene and is actually smokey black. She is bred for a 2010 foal to Sage Sir Buckingham, a 31" buckskin. Sage stamps tiny little dished heads on his babies.

GMR Buckingham Buckeroo Red Rose

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 6/8/08
Mare - Chestnut - 32"
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
31" buckskin
Dam: Little Kings LB Rangerette
34" buckskin


BUCKEROO BREEDING top and bottom. This filly has multiple champions in her immediate pedigree. Out of a Little Kings Little Buckeroo mare going back to FWF Little Blue Boy. Sire is out of Ten L Echos Captive Spirit and a Multiple Champion & Supreme Halter mare. What a pedigree! Includes Gold Melody Boy thru Roan Ranger, Komokos Little King Supreme, Champion Dena Dales Red Shadow, sire of 5x National Champion. You can't go wrong with breeding like this!

GMR Fooling With Thunder

AHMA/AMHR - DOB: 5/10/08
Yearling Filly - Bay
Sire: Fallen Ash Buck Be Fooled
Dam: Reeces Thunder Bey


Striking bay with super conformation. Here is the magical cross of BUCKEROO and HAWK (4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure) bloodlines from the well known Little King Farm and Reece Family Miniatures farms. If you are looking to add some of the top bloodlines to your herd, look closely at the pedigree of this filly. Her sire has produced a 2x Top Ten foal already!

GMR Buckingham Maximum Echo

AMHA/AMHR - DOB: 5/27/08
Colt - Bay
Sire: Sage Sir Buckingham
Dam: RCW Maximum Return


Echo is a tiny, tiny, refined, awesome little man (measured 29.75" in June 2009). With Little Kings Buck Echo, the smallest horse to be awarded AMHA National Grand Champion Senior Stallion, on the top and the bottom of this awesome bay's pedigree, he has the genetics to become a sire that will downsize your babies for you.

GMR Bodacious Jack

1999 - 33.25" - MDR #43320


Bodacious Jack is a very friendly registered miniature donkey. He loves attention and has been pasture breeding our Jennets for several years. He's a great little guy and has appeared in several Christmas nativity scenes; always a favorite for the viewers! We've had a lot of fun with him. We have retained several of his daughters or he would never be for sale. Even if you don't have any Jennets to breed, he will make a wonderful pet and companion.

White Kidz x2 Blushing Honey

sorrel pinto with 2 blue eyes, 31" mare
Sire: Sunset Ridge GoForth Jubilee
Dam: S.P. & K's Miss Roxie

Offered for $700
Bred to 30" of Fallen Ash Scouts Twinkle Toes

Thank you Dave & Deb

Honey's '08 colt
I love "Honey's" head markings with one ear half sorrel and half white, and her ice blue eyes. Honey's pedigree includes East Acres Golden Jubilee, Jandts Farm breeding and is rich in pinto genetics. Her sire is homozygous pinto by Jacksons White Cloud. She had no problems birthing her first foal, a bay pinto colt this year. She has permanent papers and is pasture bred to RFM Awesome Hawk, a 30" blue eyed bay out of Twinkle Toes, a son L&D Scout. His dam is a daughter of 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure (aka "Hawk"!). Here is a young mare reasonably priced for someone looking to add color to their herd.

photo taken Oct. '08
GMR Hawks Brave Heart

2008 AMHR
bay pinto colt - measured 28.75" October '08
Sire: RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk
Dam: White Kidz x2 Blushing Honey


The 'heart' on the right side of this little guy prompted his name! Brave Heart is the grandson of Fallen Ash Scouts Twinkle Toes by L&D Scout and Reeces Watch Me Like a Hawk, a full sister to World Champion Reeces Thunder Hawk by the infamous HAWK. His dam is a granddaughter of Jackson White Cloud, with a pedigree that includes Flying W Farms and Jandts farms breeding. Brave Heart will stay small. Brave Heart is a nice show prospect at a very reasonable price.

MDHR Carrousel Surprise

2005 AMHA / AMHR
32" sorrel pinto mare
Sire: Taylors White Cloud
Dam: MDHR Carrousel Starfire

Bred to a 30" son of an own daughter of "Hawk"


Carrie is out of a Black & White Homozagous Pinto, a product of Dell Teras foundation breeding. Her dam goes back to Shadow Oaks April, a full sister to national Champion Shadow Oaks Top Banana. Carrie has been pasture bred to RFM Awesome Hawk. Hawk is a 30" blue eyed bay out of a son L&D Scout and his dam is an own daughter of 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure (aka "Hawk"!)

Hillman Anniversary Waltz

1995 AMHA / AMHR
28" black pinto mare
Sire: Hillmans Taffys Pride And Joy
Dam: McSperitts Gazelle

Bred to a 30" son of an own daughter of "Hawk"


Annie's '07 foal
Annie has been a consistent producer for us, having 5 foals in the last 6 years. While a little short in the legs herself, her babies have good conformation and stand up square. We are retaining her 05 filly, a tiny mare that was Reserve Champion Yearling Mare in her first outing. Here's a chance to acquire a tiny mare that has had no birthing problems and is a proven producer! Annie is in foal to RFM Awesome Hawk. Hawk is a 30" blue eyed bay out of a son L&D Scout and his dam is an own daughter of 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure (aka "Hawk"!)

Balihi Ricochet Romance

Bay 31.5" Mare
W & LDS Little Sir Echo x Hickory Hills Martha Jane


"Ricki" is a stunning red bay out of W & LDs Little Sir Echo, a producer of a Reserve World Champion, and an own son of National Grand Champion Little Kings Buck Echo. She is pasture bred to Sage Sir Buckingham, 31" buckskin with champion bloodlines top & bottom, a son of National Chamption Ten Ls Captive Spirit, a son of Little Kings Buck Echo, the smallest National Champion of 3x National Champion Boones Little Buckeroo. The resulting foal will have a pedigree of Little Kings Buck Echo on top and bottom.

Small World Miss Tass

1991 AMHR Black Pinto mare
Small World Bandit x Jets Miss Tass

Bred Mare


Tazz's 08 foal
"Tazz" is 18 years old, but don't let her age keep you from getting a bargain! Tazz is the most consistent producer we've ever owned. She has had 7 foals each of the last 7 years! Her beautiful refined babies all have color and excellent conformation. Her 2008 foal was a black pinto colt by RFM Awesome Hawk. Hawk is a 29.5" blue eyed bay out of a son L&D Scout and a daughter of 4 Gs Little Kings Alfalfa Pleasure (the original "Hawk"!) Tazz was bred back to Hawk for a 2009 foal.

Owens GCF Twin Jewels

2002 AMHR Red Dun mare
East Acres Topaz x Oz's Dark Crystal


One of Jewlie's Foals
"Jewlie" is a friendly, correct mare with a good bite. Jewlie was shown before we purchased her and has acquired some AMHR Halter points. Her AMHA papers were not made permanent and we are selling her with AMHR permanent registration papers. She has had 2 excellent colts, foals without assistance and is a good mother. Her first colt won Reserve Grand Stallion at a local show as a weanling. She has been pasture bred to RFM Scouts Awesome Hawk, a 29" blue eyed bay L&D Scout grandson out of a full sister to World Champion Reeces Thunder Hawk. She is reasonably priced for someone just starting out or looking for a nice addition to their broodmare band.

GMR Apollo Mr Mischeivious

Spragues Apollo x Golden Candy Kisses
AMHR 2005 Palomino (White) Gelding - 33"


We kept Mr to show in jumping and driving. Now that he's old enough, we just didn't have time to train and show him. Mr Mischeivious got his name when, as a baby, he would constantly sneak up behind and pull a hanky out of your back pocket! Mr was born bright red with light rings around his eyes. He gradually shed off the red to white. I was told he may be champaign, but I've never tested. He's gelded and ready for a new owner to have some fun with!

Squires Montana Black Berry Wine

2003 AHMA/AMHR 30.5" Black Mare


"Snip" carries Toyland and Soats breeding in her pedigree. She is a nice small mare that has produced 2 foals for us. Snip has been pasture bred to our 29.5" bay stallion, "Hawk" for 2009. Hawk has produced refined babies for us. The resulting foal should be an asset to anyone's program.

Sierra Creeks Midnight

2000 AHMA 30" Black Mare


"Sara" is a tiny mare that should have a tiny package in 2009 from our 27" black pinto stallion, Bandido. Bandido has produced 100% pintos when bred to solid mares.

Owens GCF Morning Haze

AMHA/AMHR 2001 Silver Dapple 30.25" Mare


Hazey has a darling little dished head. Her pedigree goes back to Dels Charlie Brown, Bond Jocko along with Flying W Farms and Jandts breeding. Her first foal is pictured. Her last foal was breech and we lost it. After a year off, she is pasture bred for 2009 to 27" black pinto, Bandido.

Midget Mystic Boy (HOF)

1997 AMHR 34" Red Roan Gelding

SOLD to Buffalo Walkers. Thank you Joan & Red. We wish you the best of luck and enjoyment with Spirit, whether you have fun with him on the ranch; or allow him to introduce you to competitive driving!

"Spirit" is a proven driving horse in both Country Pleasure and Roadster. He received his Country Pleasure Hall of Fame in 2007. He has also competed well in Halter. If you are looking for a miniature horse to enter the ring with, look no further. Has been shown in Lead Line also!