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We started our Show Season early by entering our aged gelding in 2 Arizona March shows before coming back to Iowa for the summer. After several years away from the show ring, GMR Foolers Shadow received 3 Reserve Grands! He then went on to take THREE WORLD TOP TEN placings, 2 of them Top Five! And what a thrill to be awarded World Champion with horses from our own breeding program! GMR Nacho Plano Strawberry Topping went on to receive World Top Ten (5th) in Weanling Mares 26 & Under.
GMR Foolers

GMR Nachos Miss Siete and
GMR Nacho Plano Strawberry Topping


We didn't show in 2014, choosing instead to devote our time in reducing our mare herd to make it more manageable for our winter chore boy! It was a hard deciding who was going to have to go, other than a few 'just can't part withs', we kept to our business decision to breed quality 30" and under miniature horses. Thank you to everyone that added our breeding to your program.


We had a full and successful show year campaigning 4 horses. We qualified and showed at the AMHA World Show for the first time. It was the last show of the year and gathered the horses and awards for a season final picture.


Our 2012 show season got cut short. We only attended 2 shows. George suffered a heart attack and even though we had 3 horses qualified for Nationals, we decided to cancel all plans so it didn't interrupt his therapy. I'm happy to say he is doing very well and we will be ready for 2013!

GMR Boogies Travelin Man

2011 Show Record

* Res Jr Champion Gelding
* Champion 2 yr Gelding
* 3x Champion Model Gelding
* 2x Res Champion Model Gelding
He also won in Amateur Gelding and Owned, Trained & Exhibited
>>SOLD! Congratulations Elizabeth!

GMR Bandidos Lil Flash

With very little conditioning, Flash did well in the ring!

2011 Show Record
* 3x Second Yearling Stallion
* 2x Third Yearling Stallion

GMR Hawks Roan With Class

Roany didn't get a lot of training or conditioning, but was able to catch the judges eye to place against some very worthy class entries.

* 2x Second Yearling Stallion
* 2x Third Yearling Stallion



2011 proved to be another exciting year, both locally, and at the AMHR Nationals!


Another successful year, both locally, and at the AMHR Nationals!


It was our first year to show at the Nationals !!
...And we came home with a National Reserve Champion and 2 Top Ten awards.
What a great ending to our already super show year for our three 30" & Under show horses.
Then to top it off, we learned all three of our show contenders were awarded National All Star honors.

GMR Hawks Nacho Plano Margarita

2009 Bay Overo 24.5" Stallion

2009 National Reserve Champion Multi-Color Stallion & Gelding 34& Under

2009 National 4th Place Stallion Foal 30" & Under

  • Area 6 All Star Champion Stallion Foal
  • Area 6 All Star Champion Multi-Color Stallion & Gelding
  • 5x First Multi-Color Stallion, 3x Second
  • 2x First Stallion Foal, 10x Second
GMR Foolers Shadow

2009 Black 24" Gelding

2009 2x National Top Ten

  • 4th Place Gelding Foal, 30" & Under
  • 10th Place Owned, Bred & Shown By Exhibitor
2009 National All Star Champion Gelding Foal 30" & Under
  • Area 6 All Star Champion Gelding Foal
  • 3x Grand Champion Gelding
  • 1x Reserve Grand Champion Gelding
  • 4x Champion Junior Gelding
  • 1x Reserve Champion Junior Gelding
  • 6x First Gelding Foal 30"&Under
  • 4x First Youth Halter Gelding
  • 2x First Amateur Halter Gelding
  • 1x First Solid Color, 1x Second
GMR Foolers First Taste Of Love

2008 Buckskin 30" Mare

2009 National All Star Champion Solid Color Mare

  • Area 6 All Star Champion Solid Color Mare
  • Area 6 All Star Reserve Champion Yearling Mare
  • Area 6 All Star Top Ten Youth Halter
  • 2x Grand Champion Mare
  • 2x Junior Champion Mare
  • 2x First Amatuer Mare
  • 5x First Yearling Mare, 30" under, 6x Second
  • 3x First Youth Mare, 4x Second
  • 8x First Solid Color Mare, 3x Second

------------------------2008 Iowa State Fair------------------------

EJH Up An Atom
Teki:3rd Place Model Stallion
3rd & 4th 2 year Stallion
5th & 6th Amateur Halter
Atom:4th & 6th Yearling Stallion
Twinkles:Unanimous 1st Model Mare
Unanimous 1st in 2 Year Mare
Blue:Unanimous 4th Solid Color
WF Revenge With Tequila (Teki)
Nick with Twinkles and Micaela with Blue.
They placed 1st, 3rd, 5th & 6th in Youth Halter Mare.
RMF Scouts Twinkle Delight
GMR Micki Blue
GMR Buckinghams Easter Lily
GMR LK Little Buckeroos Kahoka Classic
GMR Foolers First Taste Of Love
At the last minute, we decided to wean and take our 3 oldest babies to the State Fair.
They received 2-2nd place finishes, a 4th and a 5th. We were fortunate to place
when we thought we would be lucky to just get them broke to lead by fair time!


Spirit did it....

Midget Mystic Boy - 2007 Hall of Fame!

Our 2007 show season was cut short when our mother past away just before the Iowa State Fair. Even with the shortened season, Spirit accumulated more than enough points to be awarded Hall of Fame in Country Pleasure Driving!

While we didn't condition Spirit for Halter competition, he consistantly placed and even picked up a Senior Gelding Halter Grand Champion

2007 All Star Show Record, Gelding 34" Under...

  • 3rd in National Open Roadster
  • 5th in National Stake Roadster
  • 4th in National Amateur Roadster
  • 5th in National Amateur Country Pleasure Driving
  • 6th in National Open Country Pleasure Driving
  • 9th in National Stake Country Pleasure Driving
Area 6 Placings...
  • 2nd in Open Country Pleasure Driving
  • 3rd in Country Pleasure Driving
  • 4th in Amateur Country Pleasure Driving
  • 2nd in Open Roadster
  • 3rd in Stake Roadster
  • 3rd in Amateur Roadster...and...
  • 10th in Area 6 Amateur Gelding Halter

SOLD to Buffalo Walkers. Thank you Joan & Red. We wish you the best of luck and enjoyment with Spirit, whether you have fun with him on the ranch; or allow him to introduce you to competitive driving!

GMR Buckingham Lady Dun In Red

"Dunnie" placed consistantly in Yearling Halter and Color classes in the few shows she competed in. After winning an Amateur Halter class in July, we were looking forward to showing her at the Iowa State Fair, before we had to cancel our plans.

2007 All Star Show Record

  • 4th in Area 6 Yearling Mare 32" Under
Dunnie has been SOLD! Watch for the Wright family and Dunnie in the 2008 show ring!
GMR Miniatures received Six (6) 2006 Top Ten National All-Star rankings!

We have just received notification from the AMHR Show Department...all 3 of our AMHR sanctioned show contenders received Top Ten National Honors!

Mary was also awarded a jacket from AMHR for being named the 2006 AMHR Triple A Amateur Advantage High Point Amateur!!

2006 Highlight - We had a fun time at all the shows this summer, winding our season up at the Iowa State Fair. Nick and Micaela were kept busy, but found some time for a little relaxing and reliving the time in the show ring.

Midget Mystic Boy

"Spirit", as he is known around the stable, will be a fun addition to our show string. He went well during his first training sessions under harness last fall. He will be making his driving debut this summer.

2006 Highlight - Spirit had a remarkable year earning his five Hall of Fame Stake wins his first year of showing! What a season finalee! At the Iowa State Fair, Spirit won Youth Halter Senior Gelding, then won the Amateur Country Pleasure driving class, then came back the following evening and won the Open Country Pleasure! He is just a few points short of his Hall of Fame award.

GMR Mickeys Mini Mouse

This little blue eyed beauty has a hard time standing still, even for pictures, so I'm not sure if she will enjoy her debut in the halter classes! She definitely commands attention and will not be happy if we left her home.

2006 Highlight - Mini Mouse did very well her first year. She started off with a bang winning 2 of 3 judges' eye in the Yearling Mare 32" & Under her first show where she measured in at 26"! She then won a Reserve Junior Champion Mare. She backed off a little in her overall condition, so we missed a few shows this season, opting to let her mature and regain her early condition. She came back to the ring...bucking and showing off, winning everyone's hearts...if not always the judge's nod! She's a delight to be around and the grandkids have to choose straws to decide who is going to handle her for the day. With her limited showing this year, she acquired 4 Hall of Fame points and, as of 6/26/06, is 3rd in Area 6 Yearling Mare standings.

GMR Micki Tazz
Our granddaugher, Micaela, chose Micki Tazz as her 4-H project for this year. She did well competing in her local 4-H show against much larger horses, winning the yearling class. Tazz did well all year at the AMHR shows, acquiring many All Star Points under Micaela's handling. Tazz finished the season at a local show winning the obstacle course (her first!) and winning Reserve Grand Champion Mare!

SOLD! Tazz is brightening a Florida pasture!

Here is a picture of Daisy in a Youth Halter class
late in the season. She is beginning to get a bit
of extra 'tummy' that we are hoping is more than
our lack of conditioning!
Lil Darling Beaus Sheeza Daisy Doll

2006 Highlight - We purchased Daisy to add to our broodmare band as a nice bloodline cross with our buckskin stallion. After getting her home and clipping her winter hair....we immediately decided to show her until bred. Daisy is not new to the show ring. She has already won Top Ten at AMHA Nationals in 2002, taking 5th in Senior Mares Under. She hadn't lost her form in the show ring! As of the first of July, she is the National All Star Point Leader for Senior Mares Under 30". She received several Senior Mare Champion and Reserve Champion honors, as well as a Reserve Grand and a Reserve and a Grand Champion Senior Mare; Also in Area 6 Standings, she is 2nd in Mare Senior Champion & Reserve, 3rd in Model Mares; 4th in Amateur Halter and 5th in Solid Color.


What a wonderful beginning year! We accumulated over a hundred All Star Points, a few Hall of Fame Points, and met many new (and helpful!) friends.

Three of our grandchildren were able to attend the Iowa State Fair with us on show day. This was our first year of showing...and we really had fun learning what we were suppose to be doing! Everyone was very helpful and we learned a lot.
Oak View Triple Crowns Opal and Micaela
Not only was this the first time Micaela showed a horse...it was the first time she attended a miniature horse show! They made a winning pair and she is looking forward to the next show. Opal will be bred to Sage Sir Buckingham for a 2006 show baby!

Dominick teamed up wth Reeces Thunder Bey in the Youth class. It was first year showing for both Nick & T-Bey. They both did well and have an accumulation of ribbons from the summer's shows. T-Bey did well in obstacle as well as halter, and is currently in training for the 2006 driving classes.
Bridget was our "behind the scenes" groom and handler. While opting out the show ring for this year, she might be seen in the arena next year. She's handling GMR Kewpie Doll, a yearling under 30" class filly. Kewpie was also shown in obstacle classes by Dominick. She will be in our 2006 show string.
Kewpie's coat glowed after all this special attention!