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Small World Miss Tass

This fancy mare has bloodlines to go with her flashy looks. Her black stays black all year round. With Hemlock Brooks Tom Thumb, Dell Teras Lord of the Isles on the top side, and foundation Queen Ann's Jet on the bottom, she crosses well with each stallion we've presented her to.

We have owned Tass for 5 years, and she has had 5 foals for us so far. She never has foaling or breeding problems. She has had 5 pintos for us and 1 solid bay with 4 stockings when bred to solid stallions.

Pictured with her 2005 filly, GMR Micki Tass

Small World Miss Tass
AMHR - 35.5"
Born 1991
Small World Bandid
32.5" - Sorrel Pinto
Hemlock Brooks Wee Willie
31.0" - Black Pinto
Hemlock Brooks Honey
Jets Miss Tass
Queen Ann's Jet
Bay Pinto
Jet's Little Surprise

Reference Pictures - Tass' Foals:
GMR Pee Wee Miss
2004 Filly
GMR Micki Taz
2005 Filly

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