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Planned Litters

Each litter planned by Ghostwind is bred with the goal of producing dogs that are not only great hunting dogs, but also meet the breed standard. And, most importantly we will not breed dogs that do not have outstanding temperaments.

We consider the strengths and weaknesses of our females when deciding which male to breed to, to avoid the potential of "doubling up" on undesirable faults. We breed with the intention of keeping a pup from the litter to hunt with and compete with, and to be part of our family. We prefer to breed to dogs that have strong pedigrees, but first and foremost breed based on the individual dogs involved.

Planned Litter - Winter 2021/2022
In conjunction with Idawire, the following litter is planned for Winter 2021/2022
DC/AFC Idawire King Ralph

Ralphie is a great bird dog! High drive in the field, combined with a stylish point he has a great coat and correct conformation. He naturally backs and retrieves, and has loads of natural pointing instinct. Ralphie has a great temperament, with no aggression towards people or dogs. And, Ralphie is passing on his field ability and temperament to his kids.
Click here to see Ralphie training/pointing

AFC Ghostwind Idawire Now Ive Dunnit

Dunnit has been a "rock star" since the first time she stepped into the show ring, and showed us her great nose and style when she pointed her first bird. She has been competitive in field trials from the Pacific Northwest to Florida and easily adjusts to different terrains. She has a sweet disposition and calm demeanor, making her one of our favorite house dogs.
Click here to see Dunnit during training

Planned Litter - Winter or Early Spring 2022
CH. Gallatins High Caliber Bullet At Ghostwind

Bullet is one of those dogs that whether he is on a staunch point in the field or moving around the show ring, you can't help but take notice. He is a moderate and balanced boy with nice bone, great topline and perfect tailset. He has wonderful movement with good reach and drive, and the correct harsh wiry coat which is the breed's most distinguishing feature. He has a fantastic outgoing personality and is easily trained. Finished his championship title from the classes going Best of Breed over the champions in two weekends. He is beginning his field work. He has a lot of natural ability and drive. Looking forward to seeing what he can do.

CH. I've Got My Eyes On You

Envy easily finished her championship from the Bred By class in under a year. Envy is well balanced, has a nice coat and great movement. She is super birdy, loves water and we are looking forward to this litter.



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