JNR Classic Shetlands

JNR High Style Painted Indigo a.k.a. "Indy"

Sire: JNR Frisco's High Style Preacher
Dam: P.C. Jett's Painted Feather

2014 filly that changes color every year. Long-legged and a very elegant filly.

JNR Classic Melody
a.k.a. "Melody"

ASPC 160830 Foaled 2010
Sire: Royal Aztec R-SM 149687A
Dam: P.C. Jett's Painted Feather

Half sister to Fiesta, this pair of fillies have been a good show compliment to each other.

JNR Reflection Of Jett

ASPC 162868 Foaled 4/20/2012
Sire: P.C. Jett Cadet
Dam: McCall's Rosie Cody

RJ is a special filly as she is the only Jett Cadet mare that we own. She is solid Black. She was our show filly for 2015. She was shown successfully at the MCSBA show and also the National Area VI show.

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