JNR Classic Shetlands

JNR Blue Chip Cadet (HOF)

ASPC Foaled 4/15/2007
Sire: Baron's Benny VB
Dam: Kelsey's Cadet

HOF in 2009
Super Gelding 2010

A super gelding in all respects. We took him to Show-and-Tell numerous times for our grandkids. It was great to be involved in him in beginning training.

JNR Last Chance

Not Registered - A GREAT Kid's Pony!
5/16/98 to 12/23/07

He never won a ribbon
Or crossed the finish line
But won the hearts of many
A better pony you would never find.

He had the softest muzzle
And offered it up for a kiss
He was a sweet heart pony
And will be greatly missed.

JNR Frisco's High Style Preacher
a.k.a. "Preacher"

Sire: Royal Aztec R-SM
Dam: McCall's Rosie Cody

2010 Blue and white roan pinto stallion. He was show as a yearling at the National Congress 2011 in Foundation Stallion Owned/Bred/Shown by Exhibitor. He was Reserve Champion.

JNR Aahzmandius
a.k.a. "Aahz"

Sire: WC Timeless Flyte
Dam: Koko Ladin

2001 Arabian gelding. Classic Grey. He has had two summers of western training and was also shown successfully. He has been my token Arab with all the ponies. The grandkids love him and really enjoy riding him.

SOLD! Headed to Minnesota. Thank you Tina!

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