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We are a small family-owned ranch. We had always owned Quarter Horses and in 1991 decided to buy a miniature horse. Well, as we found out--you can't have just one! Since that time, we have gained much knowledge about miniature horses and what is required to keep them happy and healthy.

In the last several years, life has taken us in another direction. We've had quite a few life changes and some changes in interest. My daughter now has 3 children and a new job. I have retired and - in the meantime - there have been multiple changes in the horse market. We have also managed to fall in love with driving and have obtained several driving minis. We now participate in Combined Driving Events (CDE's) which includes obstacles, cones, trails and dressage and now also participate in the carriage classes offered by AMHR. We belong to a local carriage club and attend any breed shows that we can with our schedules.

We have been blessed in that our mares have produced healthy, quality foals. All of our horses have good bloodlines and we have bred for color, size, disposition and performance. We have kept our herd small so that each horse can receive the attention they deserve. Feel free to click on the links to their pages to learn more about them. We sincerely thank you for your interest. Pedigrees on any of our horses are available on request. We are open to any questions, so please feel free to contact us.

Thank You!

Kris VandeBerg - (owner)
Lisa Cisneros - (owner / trainer)
Lakota Creek Ranch
39280 WCR 68
Briggsdale, Colorado 80611
970-656-3844 or 970-396-6768

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