The Foals

of Richlynn Miniatures

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Our 2011 Foals...

Richlynn's Rowdy Belle of the Ball

AMHR - Foaled on May 15, 2011. Annie, as we call her, is out of our girl, Maple Hill's Silver's Rowdy Girl, and great looking blue-eyed sorrel splash stallion, Cosmo Ying Yang KMK. Annie is an exquisite little girl with about all the bells and whistles anyone could want in a mini. She has four high white stockings and a huge white blaze. Annie has a beautiful little head with large doe eyes, teacup muzzle, and correct little ears. Her neck is long and slim. She has a beautiful floating trot. Annie is a sorrel pinto-she has white on her belly. Annie will make a wonderful halter, performance,and/or therapy horse. At this time, it appears that the sky is the limit for this little girl!

Richlynn's Rowdy Belle of the Ball and her dam, Maple Hill's Silver's Rowdy Girl.

Richlynns Buckeroo Luck of the Draw

AMHR - Foaled on March 30, 2011. Buck, as we call this incredible little stallion, is out of two spectacular parents. His dam is Sid's I'm An Angel Too, who is a 3/4 sister of the legendary Sid's Rebel(the all-time top winning futurity sire, and Little Kings Little Buckeroo, who is a near lookalike son of the wonderful Boone's Little Buckeroo. Our Buck is the last foal of Little King's Little Buckeroo to be born in the United States because Little Kings Little Buckeroo now resides in New Zealand. With credentials like those, Buck is destined for success.

Buck is one of those rare boys who have that "look at me" attitude. He is very refined, has a long, slim neck, one blue eye, and a blaze that contains a couple of ink spots. His color is silver dapple. Buck has four "socklettes" and silver mane and tail. His body is compact and short backed. Buck is a real high stepper. Buck just oozes self-confidence. He loves people and is a real show off. Buck will make an excellent choice for halter and performance. If he stays a stallion, he will undoubtedly produce some incredible foals!


Buck, all grown up.
Buck and his dam, Sid's I'm an Angel Too aka Angel.

PPs Escalade By Design

AMHR-Foaled on April 21, 2011. Laddie, as we call him, is a striking silver dapple snowcap Appaloosa stallion with snowy white mane and tail. Laddie is the sweetest, gentlest young stallion we have ever had-and all of our boys are well-behaved and easy to handle. We had acquired Laddie to be our premier stallion to service our Appaloosa line of horses. He is sure to create some beautiful foals.

He is a very special boy. Not only is he gorgeous, he is also intelligent and athletic. Laddie is out of two beautiful Appaloosa parents. His dam is Valley View Patent Pending, and his sire is Warrior By design CR. Laddie would be a great choice for halter, performance, drive training. He would also be an unbelievable boy for therapy. In short, to meet Laddie is to love Laddie.

Darkstar's Image of Harmony

AMHR/AMHA-Foaled on May 28, 2011. Harmony sire is Brewer's Orion Image, who is a gorgeous Appaloosa stallion. Her dam is Darkstar's Spectacular Silver Belle. Harmony, like her dam, is a gorgeous little blue-black girl. She has a beautiful little head with huge doe eyes that just melt your heart. Harmony is a little girl. She is nicely proportioned. Harmony has a sweet little, puppy dog personality. All in all, Harmony is a beautiful little sweetheart of a mini.



Our 2010 Foals...

Richlynn's Shredder In Red
AMHA/AMHR - Foaled on August 13, 2010, Friday the 13th at 11:53pm, a very suitable day for a truly magical colt to be born. Tonka, as we call him, had to be special. His dam is our gorgeous palomino mare who is herself an own daughter of the amazing Johnston's Supercharger. His sire is none other than our incredible stallion, Shredder. We held our breath for 11 months waiting for this boy. He certainly did not disappoint us! He is a deep sorrel pinto, medicine hat with mesmerizing blue eyes. He is electric! He has a tiny teacup muzzle, long, slender arched neck, level top line and strong, straight legs! His movement is a thing of beauty. He is an absolutely elegant boy! We are looking for big things to happen in this young man's future! Check him out on Miniatures.



Our 2009 Foals...

Richlynn's Wind Dancer

AMHA/AMHR - Foaled on March 27, 2009. We call this gorgeous little guy, "Ollie." He is out of our exquisite black pinto "Shredder" daughter, Tucker's Dancing Moon (making Ollie a grandson of Shredder) and our incredible little buttermilk buckskin stallion, "Richlynn's Dust In The Wind." "Ollie" is an absolutely ethereal creature. He is a loud palomino pinto with gorgeous BLUE EYES! "Ollie" is the whole package-beauty, confidence, and intelligence! The sky's the limit for this little boy!

Ollie at 2 days old w/ his dam,
Tucker's Dancing Moon


Richlynn's Rouge Heartbreak Kid

AMHR - Foaled on May 12, 2009. We call this wonderful little boy "Tanner." "Tanner's" sire is our elegant mahogany bay stallion, "Vermilyea's Rouge Heartbreaker." His dam is our lovely little caramel palomino mare, "Boice's Butterscotch of Ohio." "Tanner" is a stunningly beautiful little buckskin with black-tipped ears and dorsal stripe. Not only is "Tanner" beautiful, he has more personality than I've ever seen in such a young foal! If we are grooming another horse, "Tanner" lines up beside the horse and fully expects us to groom him too. Even though he was the third foal born, "Tanner" was just two days old when he joined in romping and playing with the other two, as if he was just as big and old as "Ollie" and "April." He actually prefers the company of people to horses-much to his mother's dismay!


Tanner at 2 weeks old

This is our beautiful boy these days. He now resides at Kleine Acres in Cedar Lake, Indiana.


Richlynn's Rouge Diamond Tiara

AMHR - Foaled on May 28, 2009. We call this dazzling little filly, "Tara." "Tara" is out of our mahogany bay stallion and her dam is our wonderful performance mare, "Richlynn's Golly Miss Molly." "Tara" has the most gorgeous little head. She has a long, slender neck and beautiful straight legs. She is the female version of her gorgeous sire. She is the epitome of grace and elegance. Watching "Tara" move is enough to make the viewer's heart beat faster. She is pure elegance in motion. "Tara" should be a candidate for anything anyone would wish to do with her- halter, driving, any type of performance, and, of course, the most breathtakingly beautiful pet anyone could possibly want! At this time, we think "Tara" is probably a silver bay. After her first body clip, we should know more.


'Tara' at one week
'Tara' at one day


Richlynn's Shredder's April Showers

AMHA - Foaled on April 28, 2009. We call her "April." She is our reigning little farm princess. "April" is the most exciting mix of beauty, grace, and elegance-all in one tiny little girl! She is a beautiful loud palomino pinto with BLUE EYES! She is out of our smokey black girl, "HPA Lady's Little Moonshadow" and the one and only, Shredder. April's sire and dam always give us a foal to be proud of and April is certainly no exception!


"Richlynn Shredder's April Showers" aka April and her "Mom,"
HPA Lady's Little Moonshadow aka Hannah.


Our 2008 Foal...

Richlynn's Raindrops on Roses
AMHR - Foaled on 4-12-08
Sadie is a little pinto filly with white angel wings across her shoulders. She is the absolute epitome of beauty, confidence, and attitude. She is almost fearless. She believes that any new experience is going to be a good one. At her very young age, she has taken on the role of "Barn Greeter" to any one who comes to visit. Sadie's sire, Sweet Dreams Fame & Fortune, is a World Champion Top Ten halter horse out of Buckeroo breeding. So Sadie comes by her "Attitude of Greatness" rightfully. Her dam is JTR Saphire Lady. To see Sadie is to love her. If you think Sadie might be one that you would like to call your own, please let me know or inquire soon so that you don't miss out on this lovely little girl.


Sadie at 2 months old
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