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This is the living legend, Shredder, 31.25" black pinto stud who has sired so many National Champions including 19-time National Champion, LTD's Magic Man, and Shredder's Hired Girl. He's still stealing hearts (both human and equine) wherever he goes. He is still producing incredibly well. Check his "Shredder Babies" page for some of his gorgeous available foals. Don't miss your chance to own a direct son or daughter of this history-making stallion!

Shredder at the Hoosier State Horse Fair in the "Biggest and Littlest Horse Presentation" with a Shire


Vermilyeas Rouges Heartbreaker

AMHA/AMHR - Foaled 2/14/98
He was our very first stallion. Elegant 33.5" bay stallion sired by Glenn's Southern Rouge (beautiful palomino) and out of NFC Peppy's Dancing Magic (one breeder once told me that this 34" black pinto mare was the prettiest mare she ever saw). Mac, as we call him, possesses both great presence and great action. He passes his beautiful head, hip and clean legs on to his foals. If you are looking for a stud who gives refinement to his foals, this one does consistently. Standing at stud to quality mares.


Richlynn Shredder's Just A Gigolo

AMHA/AMHR Foaled on June 10, 2012.

"Harper", as we call him, is a gorgeous little silver bay stallion who very strongly resembles his legendary sire, Shredder, in just about every way other than color. He also has "Dad's" sweet, but spirited personality. Harper's dam, Bond Pennyroll, is no slouch either. Pennyroll is 100% Bond breeding, which usually seems to bring with it tendencies toward perfection. She is obviously no exception to this train of thought. At one year of age Richlynn Shredder's Just A Gigolo left our farm to go to his first show. He had a wonderful day "showing off"- with an end result of Reserve Grand Champion. Before the day was over, he had his own fan club following him around. He has an absolutely magnetic personality!

Richlynn Shredder's Just A Gigolo is one of the last 3 stallions we have that are sired by Shredder. There will be NO more. If you have the desire to call this boy your own and the capability to give him all the love and care that he deserves, please contact me as soon as possible, so that you won't have feelings of regret about missed opportunities. This little guy's breeding brings back a time when everything that was good in true miniature horses was the norm, rather than what has become an all too rare happenstance.


Richlynn Shredder's All Eyes On Me
~ Chip ~

AMHR - foaled on June 14th, 2008. We call him "Chip," as in Chip Off the Old Block. His sire is the legendary Shredder. His dam is one of the most exquisitely gorgeous mares I have ever seen, "Maple Hill's Silver's Rowdy Girl." We knew when we bred these two wonderful horses during the previous year that their foal would have to be EXTRA special. Chip did not disappoint us. On the morning of June 14th, our Ginny was busy having Chip. When he was out of the bag and she had cleaned him up, he stood strong and straight. Not even a wobble even at the beginning! My husband and myself were absolutely speechless for a moment. This little stud colt was indescribably beautiful! He instantly had the presence, beauty, and grace of his sire, Shredder. Chip is a loud black pinto with the graying gene. If this colt has a flaw, we have yet to find it! He is magnificent! New photos soon.


Tucker Shredder's Filthy Rich
~ Tate ~

AMHA/AMHR - Tucker Shredder's Filthy Rich's sire is the exquisite, legendary stallion, Shredder. Tate is one of the last foals sired by our precious boy, Shredder. We lost Tate's magnificent sire on March 12, 2015. Tate's dam is Aspen Ridge Farm Cloud's Diamond, a truly exceptional frame overo dun mare. Filthy Rich (Tate) is himself a real charmer - both in personality and looks. He has a huge blaze, big doe eyes, white stockings, and something we recently discovered-a belly splash. Tate is one of the three last young stallions we have produced by Shredder. There will be NO more.


Richlynn's Dazzling Dusty
~ Dazzle ~

AMHA/AMHR - Foaled on June 11, 2012. Dazzle was sired by our own Richlynn's Dust in the Wind and out of our girl, MCC's Classic Champagne. This gorgeous 31" stallion has a pedigree that reads like miniature horse royalty. His sire's pedigree is full of all the bells and whistles it can hold. Dazzle got his amazing Champagne color from his sire.To the casual onlooker, Dazzle could be an identical twin of his breathtakingly beautiful sire. His dam is no slouch either. Champagne is the Grand daughter of the legendary "Rowdy" on both sides of her pedigree. Dazzle is a sweet, gentle, easy to handle, eager to please young stallion. He has the qualities and background to make him an excellent herd sire. He would make an incredible show boy and/or driving prospect. Gelded, Dazzle would make a great horse for adult or child to show or have as a special pet. In short, Dazzle has the capabilities to be just about anything any one would want him to be.


PPs Escalade By Design

AMHR-Foaled on April 21, 2011. Laddie, as we call him, is a striking silver dapple snowcap Appaloosa stallion with snowy white mane and tail. Laddie is the sweetest, gentlest young stallion we have ever had-and all of our boys are well-behaved and easy to handle. We had acquired Laddie to be our premier stallion to service our Appaloosa line of horses. He is sure to create some beautiful foals.

He is a very special boy. Not only is he gorgeous, he is also intelligent and athletic. Laddie is out of two beautiful Appaloosa parents. His dam is Valley View Patent Pending, and his sire is Warrior By design CR. Laddie would be a great choice for halter, performance, drive training. He would also be an unbelievable boy for therapy. In short, to meet Laddie is to love Laddie.


WF Mighty Spartan
AMHA/AMHR - Foaled 7/10/2000
"Spartan" is a 31" tall grullo pinto stallion out of none other than "Winners Circle Adonis" and Glenn Stars Amber. Spartan's sire Adonis is the only stallion in AMHA history to receive the honors of being AMHA World Grand Champion Junior and Senior Stallion back to back. Spartan, himself, is a World Top 5 Halter horse. Spartan has produced multiple World Champion and numerous Top 10 halter horses. Spartan consistently passes on his amazing good looks and great confident attitude to his foals. Spartan is one of those rare stallions that is sure that every new experience is going to be fun.

We had wanted this wonderful stallion since the first time we saw him. Our dreams came true in May, 2010. He is a true joy to have on the farm. We hope to have the pleasure of his company for many years to come.



Richlynn's Dust in the Wind
My 'helper' Samantha Massie showing Dusty
at the 2005 Lake County Indiana Fair
Dusty and my friend and helper, Samantha,
at the 2006 Lake County Indiana Fair
AMHA/AMHR - Foaled 4/2/04
Absolutely elegant 30" zebra-striped buttermilk buckskin son of HPA Lady's Little Moon Shadow (32.75" gray mare who produces a rainbow of dilute colors) and sired by McSperritt's Rambo Ritz (a gorgeous 33" red roan stallion). Dusty has all of the primitive marks excelt for the shoulder stripes. He has zebra-striped legs, dorsal stripe, dark tipped ears, stripes behind his ears along with all the normal dark points. All of his dark points are chocolate, including his mane and tail which both have frosty overlays. He has the "Aren't you lucky to be in my presence" attitude. Dusty's first foal was born on May 21, 2007. He is a gorgeous bay roan stud colt. Check our "Foals" page for more information on "Bo." He is a very special boy! On March 27th, 2009, Dusty's second foal was born.The foal's dam is our Shredder daughter, Tucker's Dancing Moon.We call him "Ollie." His registered name is "Richlynn's Wind Dancer." He is a gorgeous palomino pinto with BLUE EYES! Check our "Foals" page and our "Shredder Babies" page for this special little boy!


at 3 years of age
at 2 months of age


Richlynn Shredder's Classy Chassis
~ Chase ~

AMHR - Foaled on May 27, 2013. If parentage has anything to do with it, Chase, as we call him, should have a very bright future. His dam is our own Maple Hill's Silver's Rowdy Girl aka Ginny. Ginny is an incredibly beautiful mare who happens to have blue eyes that are almost violet. Her royal pedigree includes Egyptian King, Rowdy, Kamelot, and more. His sire is none other than the incomparable, legendary, Shredder. Chase has his sire's beautiful conformation, with his dam's incredible blue eyes and athleticism.

Chase was Shredder's LAST foal. So if you have always wanted a "Shredder" foal, Chase will fill that desire and so much more.

UPDATE: Chase now belongs to a World Class trainer and her husband. He will be shown in the Pinto Association in jumps and obstacles and have a wonderful forever home with them.


Chase and his new Dad, Jason.


Richlynn's Sam I Am
'Angel' at the 2005 Lake County Indiana Fair
'Angel' at one year of age
AMHA/AMHR - Foaled 6/6/04
Gorgeous 24" red roan sabino pinto medicine hat son of Cottontail's Foxy Vixen (Sassy is a 27.5" eye-catching red roan pinto) and sired by DWH SuperChargers Hot Off The Press (28" sorrel son of Johnston's Super Charger). "Angel" has Roan Ranger and Gold Melody Boy on his sire's side of his pedigree! If you are looking for an elegant, refined size controller with a pedigree that stands out, this little guy might be the one to breed your mares to!


'Angel' at 2 days of age with our granddaughter, Ashely


Contact us at for service bookings to any of our incredible stallions, WF Mighty Spartan, Vermilyea's Rouge Heartbreaker, and PP's Escalade By Design.

On March 12, 2015, we at Richlynn Miniatures lost our precious boy, Shredder. We are so blessed to have 3 of his sons. We are proud to offer service bookings to any of these magnificent, young stallions also: Richlynn Shredder's All Eyes On Me, Richlynn Shredder's Just A Gigolo, and our new boy- courtesy of our good friend Milton Stout- Tucker Shredder's Filthy Rich.

Any of the above stallions is available to approved mares. We believe that quality begets quality. Hope to hear from you soon.

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