Animals We Have Sold


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RGR Lucy

Pedigree Coming Soon
RGR Centennial

BSCC Ironman

RGR Heart

RGR Renegade (2015 Registered Steer)
RGR Mara

RGR Betty Sue

RGR Momba

RGR Ivana


Pedigree Coming Soon
RGR Lizzy

Pedigree Coming Soon
RGR Brooke

Pedigree Coming Soon
Heiken's Ark Starr Fire

BSCC Wahine



Snow Flake

RGR Mahogany

Carolina's 49

RGR Camara

Judd's Sugar Baby

RGR Alyssa

Pedigree Coming Soon
RGR Crowbar

Pedigree Coming Soon
RGR Kahula

Pedigree Coming Soon
RGR Skin Walker


RGR Kryptonite

RGR Loves Fortune

RGR Lander

RGR Midget

RGR Patch

RGR Hue Hefner (2015 Registered Bull)
LBF Lil' Charlene

Full Name & Pedigree Posted Soon
RGR LouLou

Heiken's Ark Lois Lane

RGR Kati

RGR Paisley

Burnett's-Margarett's Skylar

BSR Bittahjem

WWA Thor

RGR Scares Booger

Lazy B Farm Lucky 13

Cheg's Two Bits

Chegs Lazy Susan

Star B Adele

RGR Gino
(2015 Registered Steer)
BRB Windys Pride

Bar G Miss Sarah

RGR Noel

RGR Dora


RGR Necklace

Uncle Sam
(2015 Registered Bull Calf)
CC (steer)

BRB Miss Tear Drop

RGR Hillbilly
Several Young Watusi
They went to Saskatoon, Saskatchewan

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