Royal Impressive Heather

Dark Silver Bay Roan ASPC 142456A - Foaled 7/3/94 - Foundation Certified, Dark Silver Bay Roan

Sired by Masters Captain's Little Dancer and out of Royal Arris Lee. Heather is one of those beautiful, high contrast, bay roans that Howard loved. Heather is pictured with her 2002 filly Royal Gold Glitters.

When you think "true four season roan" Royal Pony Farm is probably not the first Classic Shetland herd that pops to mind but it should! Royal has had roans from the beginning (Queeny's daughter Jolly Malta was a blue roan). Some of the earliest ponies registered in the ASPC using the term "bay roan" were registered that way by the late Howard Richardson half a decade before the term became widely used.