History of Royal Pony Farm

In 2003 at the American Shetland Pony Club National Convention in Kissimee, FL, Howard Richardson was inducted into the ASPC People Hall of Fame. The following is his biography as submitted by his oldest daughter, Donna Norcross.

Howard Richardson
1/24/1919 - 11/15/1999

King Howard #25121 and "Queeny"
Howard E. Richardson was born January 24, 1919 in Webster City, Iowa. He married Arris Brown on June 30, 1940 at the Little Brown Church in Nashau, Iowa. They continued living on the Richardson family farm where they raised three children. In 1958 they purchased and moved to the present farm in Story City, Iowa. Howard had always wanted a pretty farm with pastures and a creek running through the middle of it and found that perfect place.

After their first daughter, Donna, was 3 years old Howard and Arris decided she needed a pony and purchased "Malta" #22127. Malta was a black and white mare sired by Silver Nevada #21770. That was the beginning of a love affair with Shetland ponies and resulted in the build up of a herd that numbered 100-150 through the years. The ponies were of diverse colors, lots of chrome and good personalities. Howard was well known for the tiny ears and large eyes that Royal Red Viking produced, as well as strips on the faces and the white stockings in his herd.

Since Malta's nickname was "Queeny", King Howard #25121 soon joined Queeny a family of Duke, Duchess, Prince, Princess, etc. followed and the name "Royal Pony Farm" began. The prefix "Royal" was registered with the American Shetland Pony Club in 1948.

There are still descendents of Malta in the Royal Pony Farm herd. A great, great, granddaughter, Royal Gretta Gee #133003 is recently deceased but we do have her daughter and 3 granddaughters in the herd, so the lineage still lives on.

In nearly 73 years of raising registered Shetlands, many pedigrees will probably reflect the prefix "Royal" somewhere in them. Some of the prominant stallions used over the years have been:

Mixup's Priviledge Character #23150

Royal Malta's Prince # 46073

Royal Malta's Prince # 46073
One of Royal's earlier show ponies
sired by Maple City Golden Man #31025
and out of Royal Malta #25854
(King Howard x Malta)

  • Royal Duke of Sebenie #26461 sired by Sebenie #22534, grandsire Duke of Oregon,

  • Mixup's Priviledge Character #23150 (photo at right) sired by Major Mixup #22020, grandsire Taffy #19757,

  • Ponyland's Gallant Lad #37417 sired by the Duke of Evergreen #29984,

  • Pompa C. #24282 sired by The Greyhound #21980 (photo below),

  • Royal Master #31656 sired by Royal Duke of Sebenie, and

  • Royal Mixup's Golden King #60741 sired by Mixup's Priviledge Character.

Howard with Royal Duke of Sebenie #26461

Howard Richardson driving Pompa C. #24282 on the farm
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