History of Royal Pony Farm



Ever wished you could see a picture of a pony long past that appears in your own ponies pedigree? Here on The History of Royal Pony Farm we are going to introduce you to a few mares that show up in many extended pedigrees long after they have left us for greener pastures.

The black pinto mare pictured at left is Jolly Ann #25219 (Jolly Buster Boy #20605 x Vastha Ann #18999). Petting Jolly Ann on the tail is a young Brian Richardson. The name of the mare behind Brian and Jolly Ann is unknown as it was not written on the photograph.

Jolly Ann is also pictured below with Donna holding her and Shirley aboard. Jolly Ann appears in the pedigrees of many of todays best known black and white pinto Foundation Classic American Shetlands. She is the great granddam of Lee-Land Chile #131996A on his dam's side. She is also the great-great granddam of Red Rock Kid Lee #133393A.

Jolly Ann's bloodlines continue in the Royal Pony Farm/Lee-Land herd through Lee-Land Lorelei #143838A, Lee-Land Long Stocking #138193A, Royal Impressive Heather #142456A, Royal Sheer Bliss #146238A, Dar-Lu's Chico #150007A, Royal Toots #141603A (and probably many more) who can be seen on the Royal Pony Farm Mare Page. Lee-Land Caper #146013A, one of Royal Pony Farm's herdsires also descends from Jolly Ann.

Pictured below is Waterblossom #22123 (Silver Nevada #21770 x Riverside's Queen #20432). The photo is not dated so the identity of the foal at her side is not known.

Many descendants of Waterblossom can be found with Thomas & Jeanette Stephenson's "Linpacojo's" prefix, Frank & Linda Brown's "B & T's" prefix and many others. There are currently no descendents of Waterblossom in the Royal Pony Farm herd.

Waterblossom was among a number of ponies that were purchased by Royal Pony Farm from H.J. Brooks and Son Pony Farm of Belmond, Iowa. The Richardson Family and the Brooks Family were very close and when Joe passed away the family gave the remaining Brooks ponies to the Richardsons.

The early Brooks ponies did not carry a prefix or suffix so are difficult to trace back to H.J. Brooks and Son Pony Farm using the American Shetland Pony Club's online studbooks. Many ponies from the early days of Royal Pony Farm that carry the Royal prefix were from H.J. Brooks and Son breeding.

Two of the many Royal roans that had the barn name "Daisy". The black and white photo below on the right is the original Daisy, who Donna believes to be Royal Duke's Countess. The bay roan at left is her daughter, Royal Gretta-Gee.


At Left: Royal Blue Belle #26195 foaled 5/6/49 (Portia Boy x Jolly Malta). Blue Belle was a lovely blue roan daughter of Jolly Malta that was shown and also went on to become a successful Royal broodmare. There are still descendants of Royal Blue Belle in the Royal Pony Farm herd including Royal Dad's Choice #147677A who resides with Bob & Shirley in Texas.

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