History of Royal Pony Farm


With the rich history of Royal Pony Farm it is only fitting that some Royal ponies have gone on to have very interesting lives. Two such ponies are "Boomer" and "Schooner". When the Oklahoma "Sooner Schooner" was in need of a pair of white ponies to pull it, Royal Pony Farm was happy to provide them. The photos below are of Boomer and Schooner both as foals and after they left Royal Pony Farm.

At right, they are shown pulling the Sooner Schooner at half time.

Included on this page will be a few more historic photos from the Royal Pony Farm collection. We hope you enjoy them!

At Left: Arris Richardson and Karma Leland enjoying themselves at one of the many pony shows they attended in the last several years with Karma's husband Bob and Donna showing ponies.

Karma Leland passed away in late April 2004 and will be greatly missed by the Royal Pony Farm family. She was a wonderful friend to Arris and always a very supportive wife to Bob.


A family gathering photo at Royal Pony Farm
just wouldn't be complete without ponies in it.
This one was taken at the original farm near Webster City.



The photo at right was taken at a pony show with the original Royal Pony Farm sign, which now hangs in Donna's house. Clockwise from left to right: Bob Leland, Howard Richardson, Arris Richardson and Karma Leland. An 810 of this photo was on display at Karma's funeral service.

Donna, Shirley, Brian and Royal Blue Boy Crescent

Royal Silver #25122 and her colt Royal Rusty #31198

A pretty filly whose picture is just labled "Christy".

A common sight at Royal Pony Farm - an India Blue Peacock.
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