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Our Stallions

Royal Bold Gold


ASPC 146468A - Foaled 6/7/99 - Foundation Certified 310535B (AMHR)

What can we say? He's Bold and he's Gold! Royal Bold Gold may very well be one of the prettiest golden palominos you will ever see. His pedigree reads like a who's who of Classic Shetland palomino bloodlines including four lines to Masters (Wa-Full) Golden Supreme Captain. With the large number of Viking bred broodmares in the herd, Bold has proven to be an excellent outcross as he does not have Viking in his pedigree at all. His get are already starting to shine in the show ring. A daughter, Royal Gold Glitters, always attracts attention with her stunning silver buckskin coloration. Other daughters such as Lee-Land Karml, Royal Bobbi Lee and Shirl Lee have also made their mark in the show ring. Due an eye injury Bold will no longer be pasture breeding the mare herd at the Story City farm but instead will hand cover a few mares at the Roland farm. His son, Royal Spun Gold, is carrying on as one of the main herd sires.

Royal Spun Gold


ASPC 151029A - Foaled 5/22/02 - Foundation Certified - Silver Buckskin 318570B (AMHR)

Royal Spun Gold has been retained as a main herd sire at Royal Pony Farm. His stunning color and teeny tiny ears from his sire, Bold Gold. With plenty of chrome and undeniable presence we expect big things from Spun in the future! Our first Spun foals arrived in 2006 and he has produced mostly fillies and a lot of dilutes!

Royal Bold Image

ASPC 154822A, AMHR 324603B - 6/27/05 - Foundation Certified

Royal Bold Image is a son of Bold out of one of our favorite Viking daughters, Royal Krumkaka. We showed him very successfully in halter as a yearling, earning several Top 10 All Stars and HOF points. He has also reproduced himself in a number of foals and is being kept as another one of the main herd sires.

More pictures.

Royal Viking's Spirit #157544


ASPC 157544, AMHR 318572B - 4/30/07 - Splashed red roan sabino pinto

Sired by Royal Spun Gold and out of Royal Misty's Style Setter.

Royal Legend Of Bold


ASPC 159602, AMHR 317455B - 8/3/09 - Palomino Roan

Sired by Royal Bold Gold, out of Royal Sprite, a daughter of Royal Firecracker.

Royal Texas Twister

ASPC 160991 - 6/3/09 - Silver Bay

Sired by Royal Alice's Boy, son of Royal Red Viking, out of Royal Texas Magic, a daughter of Royal Kryptonite.

Royal Texas Mystical

ASPC 158721 - 4/16/08 - Bay

Sired by Royal Alice's Boy, son of Royal Red Viking, out of Royal Texas Magic, a daughter of Royal Kryptonite.

Royal Texas Tonka


ASPC 163338, AMHR 331473B - 5/27/12 - Red Roan Sabino

Sired by Royal Texas Mystical, out of Royal Texas Miracle, a daughter of Royal Kryptonite.


Royal WIN Heavenly Gray Ghost


ASPC 167109 - 6/12/16 - Foundation Certified - Grey

Sired by Lee-Land Caper, out of Royal Gray Gleam.


Royal Firecracker

ASPC 140453A 38 inches - AMHR 15448B 37 inches - Foaled 7/14/92 - ASPC Foundation Certified (Deceased)

Firecracker is pictured at the 2000 Shetland Congress where he won the Classic Model Stallion 46 inches and Under class. Royal Firecracker was described by Howard Richardson as being "the perfect Shetland except he's too short". That didn't keep the judge from pinning him as the Champion Classic Model Stallion in 2000 at the Shetland Congress! At 38 inches, measured as a Shetland, Firecracker beat ponies much taller for this coveted honor. Firecracker sires small, well balanced foals who are excellent with children and excell in the show ring. He is always a favorite of children who visit Royal Pony Farm because of his small size and beautiful head. Donna will lift up his heavy forelock and play 'peek-a-boo' with the children who love to look into his big, soft eyes.

Royal Spun's Charming Destiny

ASPC 164960, AMHR 338992B - 6/24/14 - Red Roan (SOLD)

Sired by Royal Spun Gold, out of Royal Charming Girl. Now owned by Jeremy and Amanda Dodson.

Royal Kryptonite

ASPC 148700A - Foaled 5/24/00 - ASPC Foundation Certified (SOLD, now in Germany)

Sired by Mr. State Line and out of Royal Misty Surprise. Kryptonite stood primarily in Texas where he produced show winners and get that also produced show winners.

Royal Alice's Boy

ASPC 135064A - Foaled 5/26/83 - ASPC Foundation Certified (Deceased)

Sired by Royal Red Viking and out of Royal Alice. Royal Alice's Boy was one of our main herd sires for over 20 years.

Lee-Land Caper

ASPC 146013A - Foaled 5/25/98 - ASPC Foundation Certified

Sired by Masters Captain's Little Dancer and out of Lee-Land Long Stocking. Lee-Land Caper was a herd sire until he developed cancer in 2016 and was gelded in April 2016. He was shown as a gelding that year at the age of 18, winning Foundation Gelding Model, his age class, was Sr. Champion and went on to Grand Champion, as well as Amateur Owned and Shown at ASPC Congress. His cancer then came back and he was put to sleep in April 2017.

Royal Red Viking

ASPC 133258A - Foaled 5/3/80 - ASPC Foundation Certified (Deceased)

Sired by Royal Lee and out of Royal Le Ann. Royal Red Viking was a main herdsire here for over 20 years, and his descendents are in many show barns around the country.

Viking shown in these pictures at age 30


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