Picture taken 10/5/14
DOB Spring 2012

36" TTT, 14.5" BASE on 12/23/13
43" TTT, 16" BASE on 6/1/14
Mo is a young Watusi steer that was born in the Spring of 2012. His Sire is a thick horned bull with wide and forward pointed horn shape, and his Dam is a beautiful high horned Watusi cow. His early horn growth indicates he will have both thick and long horns, not to mention he will tower over other cows with a large muscular body. $1,200 and you can watch him grow in your pasture.


LongTusi #302
Picture taken 9/14/14
DOB 4/22/13
LongTusi #302 is the 7th LongTusi born at RRH and he will be a stud. His full sister, LongTusi #202, can be seen on the LongTusi page and the Sold page on this site. His Dam Courtney is a great producer, she's a Millennium Futurity cow, and she has great horn shape and correct body conformation. On top of that, this steer calf will grow a tremendous set of horns and a large beefy body thanks to his Sire, Captain Butler. $1,000.


LongTusi #303
Picture taken 9/14/14
DOB 6/8/13

LongTusi #303 is the 8th LongTusi born at RRH and she has the best color so far. She looks just like her Dam with slightly darker red patterns, thanks to her giant horned sire BWS Captain Butler. Her full sister is also for sale, LongTusi #204, and they both show you what this great cow Spots can produce. Expect this calf to be the talk of the neighborhood if you let her graze in your front pasture. $1,800 and you can watch her really blossom.


LongTusi #305
Picture taken 7/26/14
DOB 7/24/13

LongTusi #305 is the 10th LongTusi born at RRH, she was bottle fed as a calf, and she's very gentle. Her 17 year old large framed dam, Do Over, boasts a 68" tip to tip horn spread that has a great "Texas Twist" shape. Her sire, BWS Captain Butler, has 23" thick horn bases and sires large muscular offspring. This combination will likely make #305 grow to be a large bodied cow with thick, wide, and twisty horns. Add those to her beautiful color pattern and you won't want to pass up this great heifer. $2,400.


LongTusi #403
Picture taken 10/5/14
DOB 4/28/14

LongTusi #403 is the 11th LongTusi born at RRH. Her 10 year old Longhorn mother keeps producing outstanding heifer calves; this is her third one in a row at RRH. Take a look at LongTusi #204 and LongTusi #303 on this site, they're both out of this great cow, but this third calf is out of a very different bull. BWS Spotted Bull has a solid Watusi pedigree, very thick horns, and he's calm as a cucumber. This calf has beautiful little spots all over her and will likely have more the older she gets. This will be a well behaved and very pretty animal when she matures. $1,400 when she weans this fall.



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