Juma Miles
Picture taken 4/13/15
DOB 4/5/11

48" TTT, 10.75" Base on 2/6/13
61" TTT, 12.5" Base on 9/4/13
65.5" TTT, 13" Base on 12/23/13
69" TTT, 13" Base on 4/11/14
76.625" TTT, 13.5" Base on 11/1/14
80.75" TTT, 13.5" Base on 4/13/15
Juma Miles is a young trophy steer that is already large but will still grow quite a bit. His horns reached 80" tip to tip before he turned 4 years old and they have a high U shape like his great Longhorn sire Juma. He is not halter broke but will eat out of your hand. See his video here: If you want a slow moving, large horned, pretty colored, guaranteed not to breed any of your animals trophy steer to compliment your pasture, this guy will not disappoint you. $4,200


LongTusi #303
Picture taken 3/19/15
DOB 6/8/13

31.25" TTT, 11.5" Base on 11/1/14
35.25" TTT, 13" Base on 4/19/15
LongTusi #303 is the 8th LongTusi born at RRH. She looks just like her Dam with slightly darker red patterns, thanks to her giant horned sire BWS Captain Butler. I sold her full sister and I have pictures of her to show you what her excellent Dam can produce. Expect this calf to be the talk of the neighborhood if you let her graze in your front pasture. $1,400


LongTusi #305
Picture taken 3/19/15
DOB 7/24/13

25.625" TTT, 9" Base on 11/1/14
32.25" TTT, 12" Base on 4/19/15
LongTusi #305 is the 10th LongTusi born at RRH, she was bottle fed as a calf, and she's very gentle. Her 17 year old large framed dam, Do Over, boasts a 68" tip to tip horn spread that has a great "Texas Twist" shape. Her sire, BWS Captain Butler, has 23" thick horn bases and sires large muscular offspring. This combination will likely make #305 grow to be a large bodied cow with thick, wide, and twisty horns. Add those to her beautiful color pattern and you won't want to pass up this great heifer. $2,400.


LongTusi #504
Picture taken 5/6/15
DOB 5/5/15

LongTusi #504 is the 13th LongTusi born at RRH and will be one of the best LongTusi females I've produced. Her sire had 24" thick horns and the horns on her young Dam are approaching 70" tip to tip. She should develop more spots over time to add to her white coat. If you like light colored females with giant horns, this heifer will be the one for you. $1,000 when weaned.



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