Longhorn Semen
Stacked Deck is a very high potential Longhorn Bull with a stacked pedigree. He doesn't just have color, he's a WS Jamakizm son, so you know he'll throw color. He's calm, he's big framed, he's long, and he's growing very fast. He's a full brother to Jamster owned by Brett/Marshall Partnership. Go to the Longhorn Page on this website to see his DOB, horn measurements, and pedigree. Regular price is $100/straw but I'm offering an introductory price on Stacked Deck semen for $35/straw for a limited time! Get it now while you can!

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LongTusi #305
Picture taken 7/16/15
DOB 7/24/13

25.625" TTT, 9" Base on 11/1/14
32.25" TTT, 12" Base on 4/19/15
LongTusi #305 is the 10th LongTusi born at RRH, she was bottle fed as a calf, and she's very gentle. Her 17 year old Longhorn dam boasted a 68" tip to tip horn spread that had a great "Texas Twist" shape. Her sire, BWS Captain Butler, had 23" thick horn bases and sired large muscular offspring. This combination will likely make #305 grow to be a large bodied cow with thick, wide, and twisty horns. She is being exposed to my FP Watusi Bull BF Blaze for a spring 2016 calf that will be 3/4 Watusi. If you want a beautiful large horned, well-behaved pet that will make you some really pretty babies, this is the cow for you. $2,900.


LongTusi #504
Picture taken 5/6/15
DOB 5/5/15

LongTusi #504 is the 13th LongTusi born at RRH and will be one of the best LongTusi females I've produced. Her sire had 24" thick horns and the horns on her young Dam are approaching 70" tip to tip. She should develop more spots over time to add to her white coat. If you like light colored females with giant horns, this heifer will be the one for you. $1,000 when weaned.



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