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Rivendells Knights Dark Star

AMHR Reg. #311048A (also AMHA) - Born 2011 - Height: 31.75"

Location of stallion: Sun River, Montana
Stallion owner's website:
Color/markings: Black Bay
Stud book closing date: August 1
Cover: Live cover, hand breed
Service guarantee: LFG
Height Limit: 34.0"
Mare care: $5.00/day-Dry; $10.00/day-Wet
Mare facilities: Paddock
Mare stipulations: must have clean culture before bringing mare, provide shot records (contact stallion owner for required vaccinations), health cert & coggins, must be halter broke and tie
Shipping: Bidder's responsibility
Other: Bidder responsible for all veterinary and all other care for their mare


Star stands out like no other! Not only does he have that beautiful black bay color, he has an extreme typey head, large eyes, long neck, level top line, and elegant movement! He has that Look-at-Me attitude, is affectionate and LOVES to show! This boy is destined to be a star in the show ring and continues to be at the top of his classes while in pasture condition, and was a multiple top 10 at AMHR Nationals last year!

His bloodlines include Orion Light Vant Huttenest 2X!, Shadow Oaks Paul Bunyan, Double O Seven and A Half Moto, Shadow Oaks Top Banana, L&D Scout, Flying W Farms Little Blue Boy, Rowdy, and Lazy N Little Man.

Star tested Homozygous for Black (EE), Negative for the Gray Gene, LWO (-) and Splash.

He passes his refinement and extreme type on to his progeny as was made evident by his first 4 foals who were all STUNNING fillies! Star is a gentleman and settles his mares quickly.

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Stallion owner contact information:
Morgan Merja
Double Treble Miniature Horses

211 Adams Road, Sun River, Montana