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Windermere's Just-N-Time

AMHR Reg. #320513B (also ASPC)- Born 2008 - Height: 37.75"

Location of stallion: Harrodsburg, Kentucky
Color/markings: Red Roan
Stud book closing date: June 1
Cover: Live cover-hand breed
Service guarantee: Return in Season
Mare care: $8/day for box stall w/ turnout; $5/day for pasture
Mare facilities: Box stall with dry-lot paddock turn out - or pasture
Mare stipulations: must have clean culture (If clean culture is not provided, mare owner will be responsible for vet fees to obtain clean culture before covering the mare.), shot records (contact owner for required shots), health cert & coggins, must be halter broke and tie, NO AGGRESSIVE MARES
Height limit: 38.0"
Shipping: Bidder's responsibility
Other: Bidder responsible for all veterinary (including ultrasound if desired), and all other care for their mare


Windermere's Just-N-Time (JT) is a beautiful, very correct stallion. He is very up-headed with a showy attitude and beautiful HUGE eyes. JT has done very well in limited showing as a small Classic. JT also has nice open motion. His extended pedigree goes back to numerous prestigious Hackneys, which is where he gets his outstanding motion. JT was hardshipped into AMHR last year. This will be JT's second breeding season. We are anxiously awaiting the arrival of his first foal. JT will be nominated in both the ASPC and AMHR futurities. ASPC and AMHR stallion service certificates will be provided for mares that are ASPC/AMHR registered.

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Stallion owner contact information: John Rimmer, Windermere Farm
        Greenville, Ohio
Stallion manager contact information: Donna K. Phillips
        Harrodsburg, Kentucky